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The episode starts with Natasha happily hugging her sister in laws. Then Dhawal and Natasha take blessings from Amba. Amrish hugs Dhawal as Yaadon ki baraat plays in the background. Chiku and Isha pack their luggage at Makwana house. Suman tells Chiku to leave first and orders Isha to stay there. Isha confronts Suman about why she scolds them and never says anything to Natasha. Suman clarifies that she doesn’t discriminate between her children and will be there to support her too whenever needed. Makwanas return back to their house. Everyone gets emotional seeing Makwana house as they recall the hardship in last few days.

Amrish sits on his knees happily infront of Makwana house. Dolly tells Natasha is lucky for them as with her they got everything back. Suman waits at gate to welcome Makwanas. Amba taunts her for changing the ritual. Suman says it’s not only Natasha’s grahpravesh but all of theirs so being elder it’s her responsibility to welcome them. Suman tells Isha to do aarti and welcome Natasha in family again. Isha hesitates to do same but does anyways. Natasha and Dhawal smile happily.

Natasha does the ritual and takes blessings from Suman. Isha gives they keys of house back to Amba. Suman says according to ritual mother in law should give keys to her daughter in law but here daughter is giving the keys to mother. Suman tells Natasha to think it’s her first day in her law’s house so she should not cry and welcome it with smile. Isha taunts Natasha saying she should happy while Suman and Chiku take care of broken Pandya Store. Natasha promises to start work of Store next day. Amba tells Natasha that she needs to fulfil all rituals of new daughter in law of house.

Dolly gives Natasha and Dhawal ring to find in the plate filled with milk for the ritual and both of them pick it up together. Dolly tells that they will take all the decisions together and tells them to proceed with next rounds. Both Natasha and Dhawal end up winning two rounds each and Dolly teases them saying they will have very good compatibility. Hetal tells everyone that food is ready and they can all join. Dhawal tells that he will eat in same plate with Natasha.

Amba tells that Natasha cannot eat in same plate shocking everyone. She tells that there is ritual in their family that new daughter in law should eat in mother in law’s plate. Amba finishes eating and even washes her hands in plate. Dhawal questions her how Natasha will eat in the plate. Amba says that she did so because of habit and Natasha can break the ritual if she feels uncomfortable. Natasha takes the plate but places a bowl on eat and serves food for herself in it. The episode ends with Amba being shocked.


Natasha will inform Amrish that she is getting Pandya Store’s work started and asks to use the raw materials kept there. Amrish will deny letting her use the same but Natasha will remind him about the contract he has signed following which he will be distahced from Dhawal if he doesn’t follow Natasha’s requests.

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