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The episode starts with Dhara saying that they have to sell this house. Dev asks Dhara what she’s talking. Rishita stops Dev from interfering in their talk. Gautam says that this is her house and asks why she wants to sell it. Dhara stays firm in her decision and walks away. Gautam asks Dev to make Dhara understand. Dev says that he won’t be able when he isn’t able to make understand his own wife. He says that he doesn’t know where they will go if they sell the house.

Shiva tries to scare Jeevanlal disguising as a ghost, but he doesn’t get scared. Later Shiva thinks that his plan of scaring Jeevanlal becoming ghost flopped and wonders what to do now. Just then Dhara arrives there and tells Shiva about the decision of selling Pandya house which shocks Shiva. The latter says that the house is their identity. Dhara denies and says that their togetherness is their identity. She reminds him how stubborn she’s.

She says that the house will be sold and he won’t oppose him. He has to return home. Dhara says about Rishita’s baby shower on 17th July and adds that they have planned a surprise for her. Shiva gets happy. He says that he won’t be able to come and asks to make the video of the function and send to him. Dhara doesn’t say anything and leaves. Shiva decides to not let the house gets sold.

Dhara returns home. Gautam asks Dhara where she has gone in this time. Dhara says that she went for a walk in open air. Gautam asks Dhara to sit. He asks Dhara what happened. She’s not weak to want to sell the house due to people’s taunt or Shiva’s memories. He asks her to tell what the real matter is. He says that his silence is saying that she’s upto. He requests her to not do anything as their life got in track after lot of difficulties. He asks if she won’t tell him the truth.

Dhara asks him to support her to seell this house if he loves her. Gautam says that this house is his dad’s, he doesn’t want to see Suman at this age, so they won’t sell this house. Dhara thinks how she can tell him that she’s doing this to bring Shiva back home. Gautam thinks that Dhara has to leave her stubbornness. Dhara walks away.

Rishita and Dev talk about selling the house. Rishita try to convince Dev to sell their house. Dev refuses to sell the house. The morning Gautam and Dev ask Dhara to open the door. Rishita comes there and asks what happens. Dev says that Dhara locked herself in and isn’t saying anything. Gautam asks Rishita to tell her team leader to open the door. Rishita asks Dhara to open the door. Dhara opens the door. Raavi and Rishita get inside the room.

Rishita says that they will stay inside this room until they finalize the decision of selling the house. She adds that they starve themselves and die. Suman says that it’s all Dhara’s plan. Gautam receives a call. He says that Dheeraj brother should get punished. He adds that he would surrender himself to police if Shiva comes back. Dhara and all hear this.

Gautam asks the reason behind her act. Dhara refuses to tell and asks him to sell the house. Gautam says that Dhara shouldn’t all this in this condition. Suman asks what condition. Dhara says to Gautam that this matter is between them and asks to not involve Suman in this. Later Rishita feels hungry. Raavi gives her the food that she kept apart to take for Shiva.

Prafulla comes at Pandya house and ask Suman why they all are sitting sad, why Raavi is sitting near the window. Suman says her to get out. Krish takes her out. Raavi pretends that she broke her leg and screams. Dhara says to call a doctor. She opens door lock. Suman, Gautam and Dev get worried. Gautam and Dev come inside the room asking what happened. Shiva comes to Pandya house in disguise of vegetable seller. He gets emotional seeing Suman. He gets worried learning that Raavi is hurt.

Dhara puts up an emotional act in front of Gautam and Dev. Dev decides to call doctor. Raavi refuses him. Gautam says to Rishita and Dhara that they can’t stay hungry in this condition and asks them to leave their stubbornness. Rishita says that she’s pregnant then why Gautam is telling this to Dhara too.

Dhara hugs Gautam and reminds him that they have decided to not tell anyone till they confirm it. She breaks the hug. She asks Gautam to accept their demand if he cares for her. Gautam refuses and says that Suman’s decision is the final one. Dev agrees with Gautam. He says sorry to Rishita. Gautam abd Dev leave.

Gautam says to Suman that Raavi refused to call doctor. Dev says that they can make pakode. Gautam and Suman agree. They will come out sensing the smell. Shiva sees Prafulla and truns around. Prafulla notices this and gets doubtful. She wonders if he isn’t Shiva.

The episode ends.

Precap: Dhara says to Suman that she will die if she doesn’t listen to her. Dhara jumps off into the well shocking the family.