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The episode starts with Rishita telling Dhara that Suman and Prafulla have gone to Prafulla’s house. Dhara leaves saying that she will bring Suman. There Raavi wakes up Shiva and says that Suman has come. Shiva wakes up startled. Dhara reach there and tries to stop Suman from going inside. Just then Rishita comes and says that Raavi isn’t at home.

Dhara says that Raavi is at home only. Rishita says that if it was the case, Dhara wouldn’t have come here after finding Raavi’s room empty. Suman refuses to return without checking the paranormal activities in the house as she doesn’t want Prafulla return to their house. Dhara does drama and says that Prafulla won’t return to Pandya house. She convinces Suman to go back to their house. Dhara, Suman and Rishita begin to leave.

Prafulla goes inside the house. Raavi and Shiva try to run away. Prafulla spots them and shouts Shiva. Suman, Dhara and Rishita hear the same. Shiva stands like a statue. Suman wants to go and check. Dhara stops her says that Prafulla is doing drama to call her back. She forcibly takes Suman from there. Here Prafulla says to Shiva that he is alive and did ghost drama to scare her.

Raavi asks Prafulla where Shiva is, she can’t see him. Prafulla says to see behind her. Raavi acts as Shiva isn’t visible to her. Prafulla thinks that Shiva is only to her then. She gets scared and faints. Shiva says Raavi to leave. She obliges. Shiva hides in the storeroom. Raavi bumps into Kanta on her way. Kanta wonders where Raavi has gone in the morning.

Gautam and Dev come to their land and meet Jeevanlal. They ask Jeevanlal to return their land. Jeevanlal says that he bought the land from Shiva and asks them to question him. Gautam says that Shiva has come here to make him vacate this place and not to sell the land. Dev says him to vacate their land. Gautam threatens to complaint in the police if he doesn’t vacate the land.

Suman, Dhara and Rishita return home. Rishita is stunned to see Raavi in the kitchen. She gets suspicious that Dhara and Raavi are hiding a secret. She threatens to not talk to them after finding it out. Dhara and Raavi stops Rishita. They tell her that Shiva is alive. Rishita shouts what. Dhara closes her mouth. Dhara says that they all including Rishita and her unborn child will get arrested if anyone knows about it.

Rishita faints. Raavi says that they shouldn’t have told the truth to her. Dhara blames Raavi for meeting Shiva secretly. Gautam and Dev return home. Gautam asks Raavi where she has gone. Dev gets worried about Rishita and asks what happened to her. Raavi says that Rishita fainted out of happiness. Dev asks what happiness. Raavi says that the child said maa confusing Dev.

Rishita gains the consciousness. Dev asks Rishita about what said him. Raavi whispers to Rishita to not tell the truth. Rishita says that she thought the baby is saying maa. Gautam takes Dhara apart and says that she is pregnant so she was very happy and distributing sweets shocking Dhara. He asks if they should tell the family the good news.

Dhara hugs Gautam and says that they will tell after getting confirmation. Dhara sags to Gautam and Dev to leave as they want to have a girl’s talk. Gautam and Dev leave. They get suspicious of Dhara, Raavi and Rishita’s weird behavior. Shiva hallucinates that Prafulla feeds him poison forcibly.

Raavi apologizes to Dhara and assures of not repeating her mistake again. Rishita wants to meet Shiva. Dhara refuses stating it’s not safe. Rishita says to Raavi to ask Shiva why he sold the land and where the money is. Raavi says that Shiva already told her that Jeevanlal made false papers.

Rishita gets shocked. She says that they should take police help. Dhara says that they can’t as they can’t tell anyone that Shiva is alive. Dhara says that they need time to prove that Jeevanlal has fake papers and they can’t keep Shiva away from the house for long. There Shiva says that he has to get the land back for his freedom. Here Dhara says that they have to sell this house.

The episode ends.

Precap: Dhara says to Suman that they should sell this house and go to stay somewhere else. Suman says that they won’t sell the house, not even after her death. Rishita, Raavi and Dhara lock themselves in. Rishita says that they won’t come out until it’s finalized to sell the house. She says that either this house will be sold or they will die starving.

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