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The episode starts with Natasha and Suman requesting Chiku to get Makwanas released from police station. Chiku feels emotional and tells them not to fold hands and do as they want. Chiku hugs Natasha and consoles her. Natasha cries and hugs Suman too as Yaadon ki baraat plays. Mithu and Isha hugs Suman too. Chiku joins them too and all of them share emotional moment. Amrish argues badly with police inspector so he forcefully makes everyone go inside jail. Amrish tells Amba that within one hour not only they will get released but also get back their property.

Pandyas reach the police station and Natasha thinks why Chiku is quiet. She hopes Chiku doesn’t back out from taking the complaint back. Chiku tells inspector he wants to take his complaint back as he had some misunderstanding. Inspector questions if he is taking the decision under any pressure. Amrish keeps shouting and humiliates Chiku. He even says about taking revenge from Chiku and provokes him. Chiku loses his calm and enters inside jail. He and Amrish gets into fight. All the ladies enter inside too to stop them. Even all constables enter too and it turns chaotic.

Natasha worries and thinks what she can do. She brings inspector out and says that everything inside is happening because of her. She says both her brother Chiku and Dhawal loves her a lot. Natasha asks him to give her permission to get married to Dhawal. Inspector agrees to help her. Natasha tells them to keep everyone inside and release her brothers Sesh and Mithu to help her with marriage arrangements. Suman also tells the same. Inspector takes Chiku to other lockup. He gets annoyed and says he should not have listened to them.

Sesh scolds Natasha and says why she is being selfish and thinking about her marriage when Isha and Chiku are locked. Natasha tells him not to overthink and come with her. Amba speaks against Natasha and says she doesn’t care about them. Inspector tells her to calm down and informs them that Natasha has gone to take help from lawyer. Isha tells Natasha herself got them arrested and now helping them. Chiku tells Isha that he knows she loves him a lot and requests her not to talk against Natasha. Shalini gets papers ready to get Makwanas bail and thinks she will regain Amrish’s love.

Natasha and Mithu buys lighting and devotions. Mithu asks her about baraat. She tells him by them reach everything will be ready. Natasha gets police station decorated and Amba questions if someone is getting married. Natasha reaches there with music and riding on horse. She dances along while Makwanas get arrested surprised. Inspector also goes and joins them. Dhawal is shocked seeing Sesh and Mithu entering the police station dancing. The episode ends with Natasha entering inside too.


Dhawal will tell he is happy that finally Natasha and him are married. Natasha will ask him to prove that he will support her in every decision and hands him some papers to sign. She will tell that if her demands are not fulfilled he should leave Makwana house to stay with her.

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Pandya Store 29th March 2024 Written Update: Chiku calls police to arrest Amrish