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The episode starts with the kids taking the wheelshop. They hide. The government officials come to Pandya store. The officer says to Gautam that they got information there’s an illegal shop in front of his shop. Gautam says he can’t any shop and asks if he could see. The officer says fine.

Gautam asks what one should do to open a wheelshop. The officer says he can open inside his shops campound and not on the footpath. The officer leaves. Kaka says the kids saved them from a big trouble. Kaka asks Gautam to go home as the next is Maha shivaratri. This is his and Dhara 1st Mahashivratri together after marriage.

Suman used to fast for Darshan and Dhara will also fast for him. Gautam smiles. He nods and leaves. The kids happily dance that they fooled the officer. Shiva notices Prafula and Anita coming that way. Shiva troubles Prafula. The latter scolds him. Dhara gives her a befitting reply.

Gautam and Dhara visit the temple. Gautam says Dhara held his hand, when he became alone in this world. She is his Gowri and prays to God to give him the strength and understanding to give her love and respect like Shiva gave to his Gowri. Dhara prays to God to bless their pair.

Shanta is shown making roti in the kitchen. A thief sneaks into Gautam’s home. He goes to Suman’s room and makes her unconscious with a chloroformed kerchief. He takes the cupboard key from Suman and opens it. Otherside Dhara says to Gautam that they should go back home. The kids come running to the and give prasad to Dhara. They make some excuses and run away.

Gautam decides to take Dhara to the mela organized on the occasion of Shivaratri. The thief puts all the jewels in his bag. Dhara and Gautam have the prasad. They start laughing. Gautam wonders whether the prasad is spiked. Dhara gets into the auto and Gautam drives it off. Gautam takes Dhara to the mela.

Meanwhile the thief tries to run out of the house and he ends up bumping a man, who brings vegetables for Suman. Some jewels falls down. The man shouts thief. Shanta comes out hearing the shout. She asks to take the thief to Police station while she picks the thirf back and rushes to Suman. Shanta finds Suman unconscious. She sprinkles water on her face. Suman gains consciousness and shouts thief.

Shanta shows the bag assures the jewels are safe and Umesh took the thief to Police. Suman asks not to tell Gautam about it. Shanta suggests Suman to hand over the house responsibilities to Dhara. Suman thinks if Gautam gets to know about it, he will give the key to Dhara, and Dhara also wants the same, but this is her house and her rights, she can’t give it to Dhara.

Dhara and Gautam shown dancing in the pandal. They spend some quality time together while kids are chit chatting with Hardik and having fun. They wish to stay at his house for tonight. Hardik agrees and message Gautam about the same. Dhara and Gautam come back home laughing. They go to their room and light candles. Dekha pehli dafa plays in the BG. Gautam asks how was the date. Dhara says she doesn’t know this is her first date. Gautam says this is also his first date. Thet get romantic.

The episode ends.