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The episode starts with Gautam telling Dhara that he did everything for her heath’s sake, but neither Suman not Dhara understood this. Dhara asks why he can’t understand her love for the baby if he loves her. She says that everyone in the family can take care of the baby expect her, it hurts her. She cries hard. Gautam comforts her. He says to let leave as her Chikku will be alone. He takes Dhara to the baby. They both sit next to baby placing on the baby.

Raavi cooks food. Dhara is surprised to see many dishes on the breakfast table and asks Raavi if it’s anyone’s birthday that day. Raavi denies it and says that she wants to tell them a good news. Other hand Suman and Kanta are on the way.

Two girls recognize Suman and requests to click a picture with her. Suman gets glad that she’s famous in the Somnaath. She clicks picture with that girls. Here Dhara asks Raavi to tell the good news. Raavi asks to wait till Suman’s return. Rishita says that Suman has the locker key so she gets more importance. Raavi says that she’s not interested in money, she wants to tell the good news to all in front of all to see everyone’s reaction.

There the girls enquire about the baby who is staying in Pandyas’ house. Suman asks how they got to know what’s happening in her house. She threatens to get them arrested for spying her house fixing hidden cameras. One girl says that Raavi uploaded videos of everything. She shows all the videos to Suman. The latter gets shocked seeing them. She gets angry with Raavi for hiding this from her and decides to punish her.

Suman comes back home with Kanta. Suman asks Kanta to go home. Raavi says to Suman that she wants to tell her a good news. She gets shocked on seeing the notification that Suman Pandya is following her on the phone.

She realized that Suman got to know about her social media account and saw her videos. She gets scared of her reactions. She says to Suman that she was about to tell her this. Shiva comes and asks Suman to leave this and have Kheer. Suman says that she understands his scheme. Dhara asks what happened.

Suman says that Raavi uploaded videos of everything that happened in the house on the social media. She says that she uploaded even Gautam and Dhara’s romantic moment and made her villain by uploading her video of punishing them all. Rishita, Dev and Krish check their account. They don’t see any videos of Raavi and realize that Raavi blocked them. Rishita questions Raavi about the same.

Raavi justifies that she was scared that they make fun of her so, she blocked them all. She unblocks them all. Pandyas ate shocked on seeing the videos uploaded by Raavi ok the social media. Krish, Dev and Gautam find the video and the comments funny. Dhara says that Raavi made fun of the whole family and they find it funny. Rishita asks Raavi how she dared to expose their personal life to gain popularity.

She says that Raavi should be ashamed of her act. Gautam defends Raavi stating it’s common to upload such videos. Dhara supports Rishita and says that Raavi can’t upload someone’s private life on the social media without their permission. She says that Raavi did wrong, she should have asked family before doing it. Krish says that Raavi uploaded about their store too and it will increase their sale.

Dhara shuts Krish up and ays that uploading one right videos will not justify her act. Raavi apologizes to Suman, Dhara and Rishita. She says that she won’t make videos again. She’s about to walk away crying. Shiva stops Raavi and defends Raavi. He says that Raavi is very popular on the social media. He says that she’s the first person from their family who gets famous, so they should support her. He says that Raavi got 25,000 to make a video which stuns all.

The episode ends.

Precap: Raavi tells Shiva about getting big amount for a new video. Shiva says that he understood something is fishing hearing their talk. He argues with Raavi asking who was the guy with whom she was roaming in the whole somnaath on the bike. Raavi looks on shocked.

The episode starts with Gautam telling Dhara that this is the hospital where the baby’s mother got admitted and she ran away. He asks what doctor tells Suman the truth. Dhara gets worried and she covers her face with her duppata. She says it’s for mannat when Suman asks. Gautam tries hard to not let Suman meet the doctor. But the latter spot Gautam and asks to pay the 30,000 hospital fees.

Just then Rishita arrives with Dev and asks for a gas problem they charge 30,000. Doctor says that it’s for treating the baby’s mother. She further says that Gautam ran away taking back the money he paid when he learned that the baby’s mother ran away. Suman gets shocked hearing this and asks Gautam where the 30,000 is. Gautam looks down down.

Pandyas return home. Suman scolds Gautam for lying to her. She reveals that he sought his help to keep Dhara and baby away which shocks Dhara. Shiva gets worried what will happen if his lie will get caught.  Gautam says that he gave the baby to Dhara with one condition that she has to return the baby to his biological mother without any drama when he will find her. Suman asks why he lied to her.

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