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The episode starts with Dhawal emotionally hugging Amresh. Amresh asks him to go for tour and enjoy his life. Dhawal says he will talk to Suman for giving Pandya Store. Amresh acts and says they should not compromise with Suman’s health. Dhawal says Amresh that he is best and hugs him. Amba comes there and says she prays that love between her children remains the same. Dolly comes to Natasha and says why she made so much tea as the investors have already left. Natasha says what to do of so much tea, the former suggests to give it to labours.

Suman talks to Sesh and Mithu about Chiku and Isha. Sesh says they are just at introductory stage now so no need to worry but all of them get shocked to see Chiku bringing Isha home. She imagines Chiku and Isha getting married and the latter pushing her out if home. Isha is about to leave so Chiku holds her hand and makes her sit. He tells Suman that Isha is same girl he said about earlier and she needs to be looked after so he brought her home. He asks Suman if they can let Isha stay with them.

Natasha walks on road thinking of how Amresh planned against her. She is determined to find the girl and prove her innocence. While walking her sandals break so she walks with difficulty. Dhawal comes there and teases her. He tells Natasha that if Suman’s health is better she should talk to her about Pandya Store and sort out the matter as he doesn’t like the way investors were talking to Amresh. Suman says Chiku that he should have seeked for permission before bringing Isha home and asks whether he will take her back if she denies .

Chiku to apologizes to Suman . She asks Isha to go and rest on bed in her room. Chiku says he will take her to room and then explain them everytime. Sesh and Mithu tease him. Natasha says Dhawal that she knows he is tolerating her for Pandya Store only. Auto asks Natasha if she wants a ride, she frustratedly shows how her purse is empty and she has no money to pay. Dhawal thinks Natasha will not accept if he gives money so he stealthily puts some in her purse and leaves from there.

Natasha gets happy seeing money in her purse. But she decides to get financially independent as Pandya Store is going to Amresh. Amresh gets call from Golu’s school to come and take him home as children have left early because of some issue but they cannot reach his mother on call. Isha tells Chiku that she feels Suman is not happy with her coming there. Suman with Sesh and Mithu looks on from outside . Suman question Chiku about Isha. Chiku reminds her that years back Dhara brought Shweta home so she got him as grandson. Suman asks him if they should get prepared for younger Chiku then. Chiku denies anything like that. Suman feeds Isha halwa. Natasha comes to Pandya house and asks Chiku if she found the girl or not. Chiku says about all that happened and Isha being at their home. The episode ends with Chiku taking Natasha to meet Isha.


Natasha will tell Amresh about doing job . The latter will deny to give her permission.

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Pandya Store 7th November 2023 Written Update: Natasha finds Amresh’s truth