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The episode starts with Rishita rebuking Shiva for cheating in the competition. Rishita asks Dhara why she’s quiet after knowing about Shiva’s dishonesty and demands her to speak. Dhara silences Rishita saying stop. Dhara says that she doesn’t know what Rishita want to prove through that video, it’s not necessary to create a scene everytime they get together to celebrate. Rishita says that Dhara is trying to divert the topic. Rishita says that the judge isn’t lying, this is Shiva’s truth. Just then the judge arrives there and says that this is the half truth.

He thanks Shiva for inviting him else all the efforts put by Shiva to win the competition would go vain. Kamini remembers interviewing the guest in disguise of a news reporter. She gets scared of getting caught. The judge says that a woman visited him. She said that she’s a news reporter. She asked him few questions and got the answers. He notices Kamini and says that she’s that woman, who came to his office.

Janardan defends Kamini. The judge says that he made the full video recorded. He gave the pen drive. Dhara says to Krish to play it. Krish obliges. In the video the judge scolds the Kamini when she accusea Shiva of cheating in the competition. He says that Shiva won the competition due to his capability, not by cheating which shocks Rishita.

Rishita goes to Kamini and says that Kamini did wrong and rreprimands her for plotting against Shiva. She apologizes to Shiva for accusing him without checking the video’s truth. Suman shouts at Rishita and says to her and her family to get out of her house. Rishita tries to talk to Shiva. Raavi intervenes and asks if she hasn’t heard to what Suman said.

Raavi says that Rishita got defeated not only in competition, but in relations too due to her behavior. She rebukes Rishita. Shiva tries to stop Raavi, but in vain. Dhara comes in between and stops Raavi. Rishita says that they don’t leave a chance to insult her. She leaves crying. Shiva says that Rishita spoiled the party. He leaves angrily followed by Raavi. Dhara breaks down in tears asking when all this will get sorted out. Gautam consoles Dhara.

Raavi and Dhara on the terraceare crying remembering what happened. Shiva brings Gautam there. Shiva goes to Raavi while Gautam to Dhara. Shiva says to Raavi to apologize to Dhara Raavi is scared of getting scolded by Dhara, but Shiva insists her. At Seths house, Rishita confronts Kamini. She says that she warned her to not plot against Shiva, yet she did it. She says that she has to leave this house too. Raavi apologizes Dhara for rebuking Rishita.

Dhara says to Raavi that they have also have flaws. She won’t feel bad if she accepts Rishita whole heartly and stop seeing her as Janardan’s daughter, but their house’s daughter in law. There Kamini says that she just wanted to divert Rishita, but she didn’t think that Rishita would confront them. Rishita says to Kamini to accept her mistake at for her sake, but she won’t. She leaves getting angry.

Here Dhara says that they shouldn’t get angry at Rishita. She ask if they will keep fighting when she’s no more. Raavi hugs Dhara getting emotional. She says that she hurt Dhara. She says that she will immediately message Rishita apologizing to her. Rishita is in call with Dev. She asks when he is coming. Dev says that she’s coming the next day. She disconnects the call. She gets Raavi’s sorry message. She says that Raavi insulted in front of all, but apologizes to her in private.

Shiva and Raavi come to the room and are stunned to find it decorated. Raavi comes to Dhara and asks if she decorated her room. Dhara nods yes. She says that something is happening since they got married. They have started their married life but… Raavi intervenes and says that she’s wrong, they haven’t not yet started their married life yet. Shiva comes to Gautam and says that he won’t sleep in his room. Here Dhara says to Raavi that they have to start it one day, start it from that day. Raavi refuses to go saying she’s scared.

The episode ends.

Precap: officers come to demolish Pandya store. Dev supports Shiva and says that the officers are doing wrong. The officer threatens Dev to shut his shop too. Pandyas unite to stop the officers.

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