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Star Plus’ popular show Pandya Store is gearing up for more drama with Rishita and Raavi joining hands to sell Pandya Nivas.

In the current story, it’s shown that Pandyas are shocked to learn that Krish checked out from the hotel where he was staying with Prerna. Rishita uses this opportunity and grabs the mike to announce selling the Pandya house despite Dev trying to stop her.

Just then, Krish and Prerna arrive there along with Prerna’s parents. Dhara requests Rishita not to make any announcement about selling the house at the engagement ceremony. But Rishita is determined to do it.

She refuses to leave without selling the house and getting her share. Dhara takes Shiva aside. Dhara asks Shiva to keep an eye on Rishita and prevents her from approaching the mike.Shiva is confused and asks why.

Dhara lies that she is challenged that she will create a scene during the function. Shiva agrees. Meanwhile, Shweta reaches Somnath with Natasha. She plans to reenter the Pandya house using Natasha. Here, Dhara is shocked to overhear Prerna’s parents talking about taking Krish and Prerna back to Canada at any cost.

In the upcoming episode, it will be seen that Krish and Prerna will get engaged. Shweta will reach the Pandya house. She will say that she has returned to settle her scores.

Shesh and Chiku will spot Natasha in the temple. A scared Natasha will lock herself inside the temple. She will faint. Shesh and Chiku will see this and will grow anxious.

What is Dhara’s plan? Will Dhara be successful in her plan?

Will Shweta’s return stop Krish and Prerna’s engagement?

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