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Star Plus much loved daily soap Pandya Store is all set for high voltage drama with Shiva, Suman and Rishita catching Dhara with the baby.

In the current story it’s seen that Dhara overhears Suman and Rishta talking about returning the baby to her parents when they find Dhara. Dhara decides to stay hidden so that they don’t snatch no one can snatch the baby from her. Rishta finds out Raavi’s last location and informs Shiva about the same. Shiva goes to that location to find Raavi. The girl, who has planned to sell Raavi to other side of the border, says to Shiva that Raavi made with an accident and she brought her to her house, but she left the house. Shiva doesn’t believe the girl and gets in forcibly to look for Raavi.
However he gets disappointed not finding Raavi. He tries to call Raavi, but his phone gets switched off. Meanwhile Raavi, who is unconsciously lying in a room, gains consciousness and tries to contact Shiva, but couldn’t. Shiva fails to notice Raavi and leaves. Later Shiva gets shocked finding Dhara with the baby in the storeroom. Suman and Rishita also come there and look shocked.

In the upcoming episode it will be seen that Suman will inform the police and the biological parents of the baby. Dhara will get shocked on seeing them at Pandya residence. Suman will apologize to Dhara. The latter will accuse Suman of betraying her. Dhara will refuse to return the baby to her parents. She will try to run away taking the baby. However Dhara’s foot will trip and the baby will be thown in the air shocking everyone.

Will the baby get saved? Will Shiva find Raavi before it will get too late?

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