Pandya Store: Dhara (Shiny Doshi) questions Shweta’s motherhood, refuses to return Chiku

Star Plus popular daily soap Pandya Store is up for interesting turn of events.

Rishita had her labour pain and she gives birth to a baby girl.

Pandya’s are much happy while Pandya men are in police station and dealing with chaos.

This isn’t the end of trouble for Pandya’s as here Shweta and her mother marks entry in Pandya house.

Shweta’s mother demands right over Chiku and claims that he is her grandchild.

Dhara gives a warning to Shweta’s mother

Dhara and Pandya’s are shocked with the thought of losing Chiku and Dhara couldn’t bear it.

Dhara will take fierce avatar and questions Shweta’s motherhood.

Dhara asks Shewta’s mother that where was she when her daughter needed her and left her child dying on road.

Dhara refuses to give Chiku away at any cost and is ready to fight against anything for him.

Will Pandya’s support Dhara in this or will she be left alone and forced to give away Chiku?

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