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Star Plus’show Pandya Store is now giving the viewers an emotional ride through Natasha and Dhawal’s separation track. With their families even eager to get them remarried respectively, what lies ahead for Nawal?

In the previous episode, Natasha got text from her friend asking why Dhawal has changed his status to single. Natasha checks his profile and finds the same.
Dhawal says Natasha will get free from this relationship next day.

Amresh comes and tells Amba to come to court. Natasha comes there with Suman and Chiku. Lawyer says its marriage annulment case so they will get separated soon. Dhawal’s lawyer says that family members are not allowed to go inside. So only Dhawal and Natasha go.

Arvind says Amresh that he has seen Dhawal has changed his status to single and asks if he is getting separated from Natasha. Arvind proposes to get his daughter Suhani married to Dhawal. Natasha and Dhawal get into argument there too. They get date of next week and says since they did not consummate they will get permission to separate on first hearing.

In the upcoming episode, Natasha and Dhawal will get stuck in jungle during college trip. Adivasis will tell them they should not have come to jungle on moon night and will warn them not to go on other side of jungle to remain safe. To know what’s happening next stay tuned to this space for more.