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Star Plus’show Pandya Store has kept the audience hooked as we see Dhawal being a rebel after finding Amresh’s truth. Soon we will see Natasha proposing a plan to bring him back home. Will Makwanas agree to her?

In the previous episode, Dhawal questions Natasha if she has given a chance to him. She reminds him that he himself signed the divorce papers . Dhawal ends up agreeing to go home and Natasha tells constable to release them. Amrish happily opens his arms to hug Dhawal seeing him but the latter ignores him.

Dhawal tells those who die their darpan is done so he is doing the same for himself. He pours water on himself shocking all the family members. He also breaks all the family photo frames hung on the wall.

Dhawal says Chirag that now on they are three brothers only and they should forget him. Dhawal will tell Natasha that she doesn’t have to stay at Makwana house. Natasha tries to make Dhawal understand that he is doing wrong with his family.

In the upcoming episode, Amrish will ask Chirag to find Dhawal. Natasha will come there and stop Chirag saying she has already talked to Dhawal. When Amrish will say to bring him home, Natasha will suggest that to bring Dhawal back home they will have to open Pranali’s clinic. To know what’s happening next stay tuned to this space for more.