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Star Plus show Pandya Store is gearing up with interesting drama with Janardhan calling the police after seeing the Pandya’s are in his house and taken the agreement papers but when the inspector comes to catch them he change his statement shocking everyone after Gautam and his brother’s threatens him to reveal his past to everyone
Now it will be interesting to see what will happen next? Will Rishita goes to the Pandya house? Will Dev tells Rishita about her father’s affair with some other women?

In the current track it shown that Dhara and the Pandya brothers finds the loan papers but before they could leave the lights gets on. They all hide themselves when Rishita comes and searches for Dev. She finds all of them together so questions them about their behavior. Dhara defends saying they have no other options. Janardhan and Kaamini locks them inside the room and threatens to send them to the prison. Dev tells Rishita that no matter what he will choose his family first which hurts Rishita. Gautam enters the house through window and tells that they all will leave the house together when Dhara asks him to take Krish and loan papers with him. Kaamini tries to snatch the loan papers but fails so she threatens and goes to bring the inspector who is waiting outside. Gautam and his brothers learns about Janardhan’s affair so they threatens him which leads Janardhan to ask the police to leave the house. He also signs the new agreement papers given to him by the Pandya brother’s. The Pandya’s gets happy saying they got their freedom.

In the upcoming episode it will be shown that Raavi will get confused seeing the arrangements also the red roses. Shiva will ask Raavi to spend new year happily. Raavi will refuse also accuse him for hiding the truth from her. Shiva will get furious and ruin the arrangements. Rishita will tell that she is not going to celebrate the new year with Dev.

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