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Star Plus much loved daily soap Pandya Store is all set for high voltage drama in the upcoming episode with Shiva vowing to find Raavi and Dhara at any cost.

In the current story it’s seen that Gautam informs Shiva about Dhara being seen with the baby. Shiva assures Gautam that he will find Dhara. Gautam persuades Shiva to find Raavi too as he thinks that she’s innocent and Prafulla trapped her. Shiva angrily goes to Prafulla’s house. He asks Prafulla and Anita about Raavi’s whereabouts and breaks the things. They say that they don’t know.
Shiva warns them. Shiva realises that Gautam was right about Raavi. He vows to find Raavi and Dhara. Later Shiva informs Suman and Rishita about Raavi’s missing. Rishita tells that they can trace Raavi’s phone to find her location and decides to take a friend’s help. Shiva goes to check the storeroom when a baby crying sound is heard. On seeing Shiva Dhara hides with the baby and he fails to see them. Dhara vows to not let anyone take her baby from her.

In the upcoming week it will be seen that Rishita will inform Shiva that Raavi’s location is traced. A girl will show Raavi’s photo to a man. The man will say that he will get passport and visa and will take that girl away the next day. Shiva will reach the same girl’s house. He will show Raavi’s photo to her saying that she’s his wife. He will ask if she has seen around to which the girl will say that she has done Raavi’s accident, so she brought her home. Shiva will go in to find Raavi. Raavi will be shown lying unconscious in a room.

Will Shiva find Raavi? Will Pandyas find out that Dhara is hiding in their house?

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