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Star Plus popular show Pandya store is gearing up for more drama with Raavi leaving the house. 

In the current story it’s seen that Raavi decides to leave the house instead Shiva. Gautam tells that they should make Shiva and Raavi understand and requests Suman to stop Shiva and Raavi. 

Dhara apologizes to Raavi on the behalf of Shiva and requests her to not leave the house. Raavi shouts at Dhara when the latter tries to defend Shiva. Rishita supports Dhara and says that Raavi agreed for the marriage by her wish, so she should assume the consequences of her own decision instead of blaming Dhara. Raavi says that she’s going to rectify her mistake. Dhara pleads with Raavi to not leave. Raavi asks Dhara what she would do if she was in her place. Raavi asks will Dhara stay back in the house, if Gautam questioned on her character. Dhara remains silent. Raavi walks out. 

The brothers plead with Suman to stop Raavi from leaving the house. Gautam tries to stop Raavi but in vain. Suman asks Raavi to think again about her decision. Raavi stays firm in her decision. Suman tells Krish to leave Raavi at Prafula’s house, so that they don’t misunderstand they are ousting Raavi. 

Dhara stops Shiva and tells him to let go off his ego and apologize to Raavi. Shiva refuses to apologize to Raavi and leaves from there. Dhara looks on shocked. Dhara wants to make Shiva and Raavi understand their mistakes. Suman says that Dhara to try to unite them as she got them married, but she doesn’t think that Raavi will come back.

In the upcoming episode it will be shown that brothers will sit to have food. Rishita will refuses to serve food to Shiva. Dhara will ask Rishita why she can’t. Rishita will says that she doesn’t have any respect for Shiva anymore. She will add that she would have divorced Dev if he had questioned her character like Shiva. 

Is this end of Shiva and Raavi? Or Will they unite again? 

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