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Popular show Pandya Store is all set for high voltage drama in the upcoming episodes with the arrival of two new daughters-in-law in Pandya family.

In the current track it’s shown that Raavi and Rishita perform the welcome rituals and enter the house. Shiva goes to Raavi. He finds her glaring at him. He tells that he hates her more. Raavi says that he never wanted her to marry Dev and accuses Shiva of marrying her deliberately. Shiva clears with her that he hadn’t any other choice. Meanwhile Janardhan fumes recalling Rishita’s words and tries to call his men to order to kill Dev.

However Bua stops him. She slaps him and blames Kalyani. She asks Janardhan to do anything after the election. He burns Rishita’s belongings. Gautam and Dhara assure Jagat and Prafulla that Shiva will keep Raavi happy. Other side Raavi asks Dhara why she betrayed her. Dhara says that nothing was in her hands and asks to forgive her if possible. Prafulla plans to get Anita married to Hardik. Suman is angry with Dhara and blames her for ruining Shiva and Raavi’s life. Gautam defends Dhara.

In the upcoming episode it will be shown that Rishita will put Raavi suitcases out of Dev’s room. Rishita will say that shiva told that room belongs to Dev and his wife. As she’s Dev’s wife, she has rights on that room. Raavi will shout stop. She will say she doesn’t want Dev nor his room.

How Dhara will handle this situation? Will Raavi and Rishita turn against each?

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