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Star Plus’s new show Pandya Store has been keeping its audience hooked to the show since the first episode. The audience love the chemistry between the main leads, Dhara and Gautam and appreciating the bonding shared by the four brothers.

Earlier it’s seen that Dhara and Gautam consummate their marriage. On seeing Dhara visiting the gynecologist, Prafulla and Anita misunderstand that Dhara is pregnant.  Prafulla spreads the news all over the Somnath. The kinnars come to Gautam’s home to congratulate Suman for the good news. Suman gets angry with Dhara for hiding such big news from her. Dhara clears to Suman that it’s a misunderstanding and she’s not pregnant.

Gautam enquires Dhara about the happenings and gets startled learning that Dhara visited the doctor to get contraceptive pills. Dhara reveals to Gautam that she already has three kids, so she doesn’t want to have her own kids for now. Gautam gets overwhelmed with emotions and hugs her.  From here the story takes a 10 years leap. Gautam and Dhara repay all their loans by working hard in these 10 years and get their shop back. Gautam’s brothers are grown up, but their bonding with Gautam and Dhara remain the same.

In the upcoming episode it will be shown that Dhara will be praying to God. She will say to God that today is their wedding anniversary and none of her brothers- in-law remembers this, but she’s certain that Gautam will remembers their big day. Other hand Anita will sadly remember that today her wedding was broken. Prafulla will advise her to move on.

Will Gautam remember their wedding day? What’s ahead for Dhara and Gautam in the show?

It will be interesting to see whether the love and the unique bonding shared by Dhara and the brothers will remain the same with the passing of time.

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