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Last week, it was seen that Rishita warned Shweta about taking advantage of Dhara’s love for Chiku. Meanwhile, Raavi was worried about her edited photos having not been deleted on social media yet and Arnav not answering her calls. She was scared that the hacker could do something wrong again. Shiva reassured her.

Raavi wanted to cover her face, fearing that the guests of Suman’s who are her followers on social media would question her. Shiva said that he would answer their questions and convinced her to remove the mask. Suman was at Kanta’s house, lamenting that her family didn’t bother to find her or call her either. She decided to go to an old-aged home. Kanta convinced Suman to return to her house.

Suman was surprised when Pandyas wished her on a happy sweet sixth’s birthday. Pandyas was guilty of learning that Suman wanted to go to the old-aged home. They apologized to Suman. While the Pandyas were dancing and enjoying, Shweta injected sleeping sedatives in the cake to execute Chiku’s kidnapping.

Raavi was shocked when Arnab arrives at Pandyas’ house to meet Raavi. The latter takes Arnab out of the house to talk before anyone from the family can see him. Meanwhile, the rest of the family consumed the birthday cake and fainted. Shiva went to find Raavi and he spotted her talking with Arnab.

He wondered what Arnab was doing there. He felt dizzy and fainted there. Shweta used this opportunity and handed Chiku to her friend, who had entered the party as a dancer. Her friend left, taking Chiku with her. Raavi missed seeing them.

Raavi convinced Arnab to leave. She found Shiva unconscious and tried to wake him up. She came inside the house, hearing Chutki crying sound. Seeing Raavi, Shweta understood Raavi escaped from her plan. She pretended to faint. Raavi was stunned to find her whole family lying unconscious and Chiku missing.

Raavi called the police and reported Chiku’s missing complaint. Police and a medical team arrived at Pandya’s house. Shweta got tensed when the doctor wanted to take Pandyas’ blood sample to find out the truth. To avoid giving her blood sample, she created a scene pretending to be worried about Chiku. Rishita grew suspicious of Shweta’s sudden motherly love for Chiku.

The inspector asked Raavi what food she hadn’t eaten that her other family members which caused them dizziness. Raavi thought and said that she didn’t eat the cake as she went out to meet Arnab. Pandyas asked Raavi about Arnab. Shiva helped Raavi by lying.

Shweta intervened when the inspector enquired Krish about the cake. Dhara went out to find Chiku. She enquired Prakash, a flower seller, about Chiku. Prakash told about seeing a lady taking Chiku. Shweta pretended to faint. So, Krish took her home.

Later, Rishita questioned Shweta about not giving her blood sample and wanted to call the doctor back home to take her blood sample, but Shweta reacted angrily. Shweta panicked when Gautam informed that they made the kidnaper’s sketch with the help Prakash.

Gautam and Krish learned that Dhara went to find Chiku. Gautam and Krish looked for Dhara and found her with her feet bleeding and took her home. Dhara turned inconsolable and refused to have food till Chiku is found. She fell sick. Meanwhile, Krish caught Shweta eating dried fruits, hiding from the family and confronted her.

Shweta put up an emotional act again and escaped by giving an excuse. On the other hand, Forum panicked after seeing police sticking her sketches on the walls. She decided to return Chiku to the Pandyas and expose Shweta. Just then, she received Shweta’s call, but the call got disconnected due to poor network.

Forum was worried when she noticed that Chiku had a fever and Shweta’s phone wasn’t reachable. Meanwhile, Dhara asked Raavi to ask her followers to help to find Chiku. Raavi said that her account hadn’t been recovered yet. Rishita suggested uploading Raavi’s video from her account.

Shweta tried to stop this by giving some lame excuses. Rishita scolded Shweta. Raavi uploaded a video about Chiku’s missing from everyone’s social account in the house, including Shweta.

Dhara fell sick, refusing to eat anything till Chiku is found. The doctor checked Dhara and gave her glucose drips. He said that Dhara is weak and she should eat, else she would be hospitalized. Yet Dhara refused to eat. Shweta panicked and feared of getting caught when Raavi’s video about Chiku’s missing went viral.

Seeing the same video, Chiku’s mom arrived at Pandya’s house and spoiled Shweta’s plan to leave the house to escape. Shweta’s mom blamed Pandyas for Chiku’s kidnapping. Rishita defended the Pandyas, stating that Raavi called the police. Shweta’s mother realized her mistake and apologized to the Pandyas.

Meanwhile Forum went to a pharmacy with Chiku to buy medicine for his fever. The pharmacist, who had seen Raavi’s video, recognized Chiku. He tried to catch Forum, but she escaped by getting into a truck. The pharmacist informed the Pandyas about the same.

On the other hand Dhara’s heath got deteriorated. Here the Pandya brothers and the police chased Forum. The latter understood that she would get caught. So she abandoned Chiku inside an auto and hid. Pandyas heard Chiku’s crying sound and looked around to find him. Shiva spotted Chiku in the auto. He alerted his family.

They rescued Chiku and took him home. Dhara became emotional seeing Chiku. She requested Shweta to let Chiku sleep in her room that night. Shweta agreed. Suman announced that she would send Shweta and Chiku back to her parents’ house the next day.

In the upcoming week, it will be shown that Shweta will get drunk and will start to lament. She will say that she did so many things to get rid of Chiku. Krish will get alerted to hear this and will ask what she did. Shweta will tell everything that she has done so far. Krish will be shocked to hear Shweta.

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