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The last week we have seen that Raavi requested Gautam to use the compensation of 10 lakh to restore their store. But Gautam refused to use the compensation of Shivas loss for the store despite Suman asking him to accept it. Gautam asked Raavi to keep that money for her future. Ansal, who saved Shiva, called Gautam to tell that Shiva is alive. Gautam misunderstood that someone called him to convey his condolences for Shiva’s loss.

Ansal understood that shiva’s family was thinking shiva was dead. He decided to call Gautam later when the call got disconnected due to poor signal.
Ansal shared the same with his wife Rakhi. Rakhi suggested not informing Shuva’s family and getting him married to their daughters Surbhi. As Ansal and Rakhi were talking about this, an injured Shiva overheard their talk and got worried.
Other hand pandyas got worried about Raavi when she went missing. Later they got emotional on knowining that Raavi had deposited 10 lakh in Gautam’s account. Other side Surbhi helped Shiva to walk holding a stick. She misunderstood that Shiva liked her when he asked her about her marriage topic which was discussed by her parents earlier.
Later Shiva clarified to Rakhi that he is already married. Shiva was shocked learning that Rakhi was aware of this yet she wanted to forcibly get him married to Surbhi.
Shiva tried to escape in the night when the family was sleeping, but he ended up waking by making noice. The next day Pandyas made arrangements for the opening of Pandya Store after its renovation. Dhara got emotional on seeing Raavi doing all work hiding her pain.

She said to Raavi that they got back their store, but lost Shiva who was shine of the store. Raavi firmly said that Shiva is alive. Meanwhile Shiva tried to escape from that family again. He took a phone from a villager and called Gautam. He saw Ansal and his men coming that way looking for him. So He disconnected the call before Gautam could answer the call. Shiva reached the main road.

Ansal and his men caught Shiva and took him him back home.
Rakhi said to Surbhi to get ready for the engagement. Surbhi got elated hearing this. She asked if Shiva agreed to marry her. Rakhi said that he didn’t, but he would soon accept the marriage. Shiva overheard this and decided to escape from here anyhow. The family looked after the arrangements. Shiva pretended to be unconscious. The goons got him ready.
After they left Shiva managed to free himself and escaped from there. On knowing this the family hunted for Shiva. The latter reached the highway and took lift in a vehicle that was going to Somnaath.
Shiva reached Somnaath. Meanwhile Pandyas were inaugurating their renovated store. Suman asked Raavi to cut the ribbon as she gave a new beginning to the shop and also she was Shiva’s alter ego. Raavi cut the ribbon.
Shiva spotted Krish and called out his name. But Krish failed to hear this. Shiva managed to reach near their store. He spotted Dhara. Shiva learned that Pandyas used the compensation given for his loss to renovate the store.
He also learned about a family who got arrested for deceiving government for compensation money. He hid himself thinking that his family could get arrested if he returned home. Dhara and Raavi sense Shiva’s presence around them. Dhara came out to check.

Shiva hid on seeing Dhara coming to his side. Later a drunkard spotted Shiva and identified him. Shiva managed to get rid of him. Shiva thought to hide himself till he arranges the compensation amount to return to the government. He decided to hide at prafulla’s house till that. The drunkard came to the Pandya and said that Shiva is alive and he spotted him. Pandyas didn’t believe the drunkard’s words except Raavi.
Later Shiva sneaked into Pandyas house to get his clothes. Dhara heard a noise and came to Shiva’s room to check. Shiva hid in the cupboard seeing Dhara. Unaware of this, Dhara locked the cupboard. Shiva wondered how to get out of the cupboard without breaking it.
Just then Raavi came to the room and started talking to Shiva’s photos hanged on the wall. She asked Shiva to return. Shiva got emotional on hearing this. Raavi opened the cupboard and touchesd Shiva’s clothes to feel his presence. Shiva held Raavi’s dupatta. Raavi felt his presence and got suspicious.
However she walked out leaving the cupboard open. Shiva sneaked out of the house using the opportunity. Shuva reached Prafulla’s house and hid in the storeroom.
Shiva came to meet Raavi disguised as bangle seller. He sold bangles to Dhara and Raavi. The two got suspicious when they felt Shiva’s presence. Just then Police arrived at Pandyas’ house and said that they got information that Shiva is alive and a drunkard spotted him shocking the family.
Shiva hid on hearing this. Dhara got suspicious and followed the bangle seller. On seeing Dhara Shiva started running. Dhara chased him. Dhara got hold of him, but Shiva managed to escape. Meanwhile Shiva reached Prafulla’s house. Prafulla saw Shiva’s reflection on the mirror and gets scared thinking she saw Shiva’s ghost.

She ran out of the house. She bumped into Dhara. Prafulla said to Dhara that she saw Shiva’s ghost in her house. Dhara understood that Shiva was hiding in Prafulla’s house. Dhara comes to Prafulla’s house and finds Shiva. The latter escaped on seeing her. Dhara went after him. Shiva came in front of Dhara when a tempo is about to hit her and saved her. Dhara got emotional on seeing Shiva alive.
In the upcoming episode it will be seen that Dhara will want to call Gautam and will inform that Shiva is alive. Shiva will stop Dhara.
He will that she shouldn’t tell anyone about this. Dhara will ask why. Shiva will look on. Later Dev will receive some papers in courier and will look shocked. Gautam whll ask what they’re about. Dev will say that Shiva sold their land for thirty lakh shocking the family.
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