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The last week it was seen that Dhara got furious when Pandyas tried to keep Dhara away from the baby. She vent out her anger at the Pandyas at the dinner table. Surprisingly Shiva and Dev supported Suman and not Dhara. Suman got glad about the same.

Shiva hid about Raavi’s social media work from his family and lied to Suman when she asked the reason for Raavi’s sudden happiness. Raavi thanked Shiva for the same and promised him to not make him regret it. Other hand Dhara received the doctor’s call in Gautam’s phone and got shocked learning that the baby’s mother ran away from the hospital.

Dhara confronted Gautam about the same. She requested Gautam to give the baby to her instead of leaving him in an orphanage. As Dhara promised to return the baby to his biological mother when the latter would be found Gautam accepted Dhara’s request and handed her the baby.

He decided to hide the truth from Suman till the baby’s mother is found. Shiva accompanied Raavi to shoot the promotion video of a café. Other hand Rishita came to attend a workshop in the hospital where the baby’s mother got admitted. Rishita got labor pain and got admitted in the same hospital.

She phoned Raavi and informed the same. Pandyas arrived at the hospital to see Rishita. Gautam got worried knowing this as Suman could learn his lie. So, he tried to hide himself from the family. But Dhara spotted him.

Gautam tried to prevent Suman meeting the doctor, but he fails. Doctor tells Suman that Gautam paid 30k for the treatment of the baby they have at their house, but he ran away taking the money back when he learned that the bsby’s mother ran away.

Suman gets angry earning this. She scolds Gautam for the same. She reveals about Gautam seeking her help to keep Dhara away from the baby. Dhara gets enrages hearing this and refuses to talk to him. Later Dhara shared with Gautam her sorrow.

She expressed how deeply his plan of keeping the baby away from her hurt her. Gautam felt guilty and took Dhara to the baby indirectly permitting her to look after the baby. Raavi made special dishes and decided to tell the family about her activity on the social media.

Meanwhile Suman got questioned by some habitants of Somnaath about the baby in Pandya house. Suman asked them how they knew what’s happening in her house. They revealed that Raavi was uploading videos of their family issues on the social media.

Suman got shocked on seeing all the videos that Raavi uploaded so far. Later Suman confronted Raavi about the same. Suman accused Raavi of uploading everything on the social media and making their family an object of ridicule.

Pandyas checked Raavi’s account to see her videos and realized that she blocked them all. Raavi justified her act that she blocked them getting scared of their mockery. She unblocked them.

Dhara and Rishita got angry on seeing the videos and accused of exposing their personal life online without their permission whereas the men of Pandyas supported Raavi. However Suman’s anger calmed down when Raavi gave her the 25,000 she earned through her video.

Rishita got annoyed and taunted that Raavi shut Suman’s mouth giving her money. Gautam supported Raavi stating that social media influencer like Raavi were highly demanded in the market. He was proud of Raavi. Suman also appreciated Raavi’s work.

However Rishita opposed it and said that Raavi should not take her videos. Dhara agreed with Rishita. Raavi apologized to the Pandyas. Later Suman saw that Dhara’s increasing attachment towards the baby and got worried. She decided to do something.

Raavi got a call from a Rohit a promotional video shoot for a bank. He agreed to pay her 1, 5 lakhs. Raavi got overjoyed hearing this. She decided to tell the family after getting the money in hand. Raavi secretly talked about the same on the phone in the midnight. She lied to Shiva when he spotted her and questioned her.

Suman came to the police station with Krish. She told the inspector how the Pandyas ended up taking care of a baby. The inspector says that Gautam already registered the baby’s mother’s missing complaint and they’re finding her. The inspector decided to get the description of the baby’s mother from Dhara to draw her sketch.

Krish phoned Dhara and said that Suman told police everything about the baby, so the police could come to take the baby. Dhara got determined to find the baby’s mother by herself. In the market Raavi met the bank officer and a guy regarding the video shoot. Shiva spotted Raavi with a stranger and got suspicious.

Other hand Dev and Rishita came to the market to buy vegetables. A fight broke out in the market. Rishita and Dev looked for each other. Shiva saw Raavi going on the bike with the same stranger and got determined to find what Raavi was cooking. He tried to follow them, but Rishita spotted Shiva and asked him to rush her to the hospital as she got labor pain.

At Pandya house Suman brought police to talk to Dhara. She didn’t find Dhara and the baby in the house. Gautam received a message from Dhara that she had gone to Ahmedabad to find the baby’s mother by herself shocking Suman and Gautam.

In the upcoming week it will be seen that Raavi will happily tell Shiva that she got 1, 5 lakh for the bank shoot. Shiva will shout at Raavi. He will ask her about the guy with whom she roamed around on the bike. Raavi will look on shocked.

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