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The last it was seen that Suman and Gautam learned that Dhara had left to Ahmedabad with Chikku to find his mother by herself. They go worried about Dhara. Shiva got enraged when Raavi told him that she got 1, 5 lakh for her bank video shoot. He confronted Raavi about secretly talking on the phone in the night and lying to him when he questioned her about it.

He asked Raavi about the guy with whom she had roamed around on the bike. Raavi clarified that he was a model and she met him regarding her video shoot. But Shiva refused to understand her point. They both fought over this.

Later Suman got overjoyed when Raavi handed her the 1, 5 check. Shiva complained that Raavi had fixed that video shoot without his involvement. Suman advised Raavi to take Shiva’s opinion. Gautam left to Ahmedabad to find Dhara and the baby.

Raavi regretted of lying to Shiva and came to Shiva to apologize. But Raavi and Shiva ended up fighting again. Raavi said that he was being jealous and over possessive. Other hand in Ahmedabad Gautam was finding Dhara showing her photo to the passersby. Hardik called Gautam and argued with Gautam over Dhara’s missing.

He stated that Gautam’s brothers have changed ever since they got married and didn’t bother to find Dhara. Gautam got furious and warned Hardik to not utter a word against his brothers. Elsewhere Chikku’s biological mother, Sweta got flashes of Dhara with her baby while sleeping and woke up abruptly.

Her mother noticed C section mark in Sweta’s stomach and asked about her baby’s whereabouts. Sweta said that she didn’t remember anything expect that she was in Somnaath. At Pandyas’ house Raavi told Suman that she was offered anchor job, but she rejected it. On learning the salary for anchoring is 50,000 Suman persuaded Raavi to accept the anchoring job offer.

Gautam got elated when his brothers came to Ahmedabad to help him to find Dhara. They found Dhara and brought her home. Pandyas ladies got elated to see Dhara back. Suman revealed that she went to the police station to find a solution to keep Chikku permanently in their house. Dhara got overjoyed hearing this.

Gautam filled the foster care application and submitted it. Elsewhere Sweta’s parents got redy to leave for somnaath to bring their grandchild back home, but Sweta prevented them since she didn’t want to find her baby as he reminds her of her bitter past that she wants to forget.

Pandyas watched the show that Raavi hosted on TV and felt proud of her. Raavi returned home tired after having a long day. She asked Shiva to get her a glass of water which offended Shiva and Suman. Shiva taunted Raavi saying that he could even do her feet massage which triggered Raavi’s anger.

Suman rebuked Raavi for ordering Shiva and then showing her anger on him. Rishita and Dhara supported Raavi. Suman said that Raavi wasn’t tired, but she aws egocentric of earning money and she commended Shiva to prove the same.

Gautam blamed Shiva’s male ego for the fight. But Dhara sensed that something else was bothering Shiva. Later Dhara heard Shiva and Raavi locking horns and got worried about them.

Gautam learned that Chikku’s mom left a letter in which she gave her consent for Gautam and Dhara raise him up. Gautam told the same to the family. Pandyas got elated on hearing this and decided to celebrate this along with Raavi’s success. Meanwhile Sweta got shocked learning that her parents left for Somnaath.

She understood that they find to find her baby. She decided to stop them at any cost. At Pandya house a lady visited Pandyas to inspect and determine if they deserved to adopt Chikku. The lady asked few questions to Gautam and Dhara regarding Chikku’s future. She got satisfied with Gautam and Dhara’s answers.

In the evening Raavi got ready for the party. She suggested Shiva to wear a shirt. Shiva refused and argued with her. Raavi requested him to keep his ego aside for the party for Dhara and Chikku’s sake. She requested him to take part in her success party like other family members.

Shiva refused and walked out. Later Shiva got angrier and left the party when a lady commented that Shiva was popular because of Raavi. Sweta’s mother reaches Somnaath and is finding Raavi’s address. Raavi requested Dhara to convince Shiva and bring him back.

She refused to celebrate her success without Shiva. Dhara went to bring Shiva back. Meanwhile Sweta’s parents were r to find Raavi’s house address. Sweta arrived there and tried to stop them.

Dhara arrived at Pandya’s store following Shiva. She advised him to give time for things to get settle. She asked him to not let his anger spoil his love. She insisted him to return to the party as Raavi’s success is also his success and he is her strength. Dhara left. Back in the party, Rishita started to feel labor pain.

She thought that family didn’t care about her and they cared only about the party. Shiva returned to the party. Raavi got elated to see him. She thanked him for coming. She dragged him to cut the cake. After cake cutting Shiva said to Raavi that he was still angry with her, but he has returned as unlike her he couldn’t let her face humiliation because of him.

Suman congratulated Raavi for her success, Gautam and Dhara for becoming Chikku’s mother and herself for becoming Chikku’s grandmother. Just then Sweta and her parents arrived there. Sweta’s mother said that Suman could never become Chikku’s grandmother since she’s his biological grandmother shocking the Pandyas.

In the upcoming week it will be seen that Rishita will scream getting labor pain. Whole family will be busy with Rishita. Using this distraction Sweta’s mother will take Chikku from the cradle and will walk out of the house.

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