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The last week it was seen that Shweta’s mother arrived at Pandyas house along with her husband and Sweta and claimed her rights on Chiku stating that she’s his biological grandmother. However Pandyas attention turns to Rishita who screams having labor pain.

As that day there was a strike, transport wasn’t available to take Rishita to the hospital. Therefore Suman decided to perform Rishita’s delivery at home which scared Rishita. Suman reassured her saying that she had already perfomed delivery. Using this opportunity Shweta’s mom kidnapped Chiku.

But Shiva caught her. She said to be the baby’s biological grandmother. Shiva asked her to show evidence to prove her words. As she didn’t have any evidence, Shiva took Chiku back home after warning her. Meanwhile Dhara realised that Chiku was missing and notified Gautam about the same. She asked him to do something to find Chiku. Just then Shiva brought Chiku back home.

Pandya ladies try to perform Rishita’s delivery by themselves at home. As situation got critical, Raavi asked doctor’s help on live to her followers. A lady doctor arrived at Pandya’s house on seeing Raavi’s video. Doctor performed Rishita’s delivery with the assistance of Pandya ladies.

Rishita successfully gave birth to a girl baby. Pandyas ladies got elated. They got emotional seeing the girl baby. Meanwhile in the police station Pandya boys tried to explain to the inspector that the mistake was on the driver who misbehaved with an old man and hit Gautam, but police refused to listen to them and took them to the police station.

Here Dhara asked Raavi to call the Pandya boys inside. Raavi got shocked not founding them. She called Shiva. The inspector answered the call and told her that the Pandyas brothers were in jail shocking Raavi.

Rishita asked where Dev was. She got heartbroken that he didn’t even come to see their child and wanted to divorce Dev. Dhara went out to bring the Pandya boys. Raavi stopped Dhara and told that they got arrested for a creating scene on the road and hitting a man which shocked all. Rishita got determined to divorce Dev who couldn’t be present when she was giving birth to their child.

Suman also got disappointed with her sons and she decided to call the lawyer she knew and got divorce for all the three and throw her four sons out of the house. Other hand Pandyas boys explained the situation to the inspector and requested him to let them go stating that Dev’s wife just gave birth to a child.

The inspector agreed, but asked them to do sit-up as punishment before going. They obliged. Pandya boys happily returned home to meet the baby. Suman reprimanded them for not being at home in an important moment. Shiva apologized to Suman.

Dev apologized to Rishita and explained the situation. Meanwhile Sweta’s parents got her child’s birth certificate from the hospital and got determined to take back the baby from the Pandyas.

Shiva remembered Sweta’s parents claiming their rights on Chiku seeing Dhara’s bonding with him and gets worried about Dhara. The next day morning Sweta and her parents arrived at Pandya house and demanded to return Chiku. Shiva got angry and asked them to get out.

Sweta’s mother asked Dhara if she didn’t recognize Shweta whom she had admitted in the hospital and who is the mother of Chiku. Dhara admitted that she’s Chiku’s mother. Dhara rebuked Shweta and her parents for abandoning Chiku on the road for dying and now coming and claiming their rights on him.

Shweta’s parents assured Dhara to take good care of Chiku and requested Suman to convince Dhara to return them Chiku. Suman and Gautam asked Dhara to return them Chiku, but Dhara noded no hugging Chiku. However she returned Chiku when Gautam gave her Chiku’s swear. Dhara broke down seeing them leaving with Chiku.

In order to console Dhara, Dev handed his baby to her saying that Dhara can raise her as her child. Rishita got anxious hearing this and took back the baby which hurt Dhara. Kamini peeked inside Pandya house and overheard their talk.

She learned that Rishita gave birth to a baby girl, but Pandyas didn’t inform them. Later Dev and Rishita argued over Dhara’s rights on their baby. Rishita clearly refused to let Dhara raise her daughter. Dhara burst in tears in front of Gautam and pleaded with him to make a video call to Shweta. Gautam had hard time to console her.

Dev expressed his worry about Rishita being against Dhara raisng their child. Suman pacified him and made him understand Rishita’s point and assured him that the family would together raise his baby. Later Rishita’s parents and Kamini visited Pandyas. Kamini and Janardan complained to Suman that they didn’t even inform them about Rishita’s child.

Kamini taunted that Pandyas mourn a stranger’s child instead of celebrating their heir’s arrival. Seths gifted a gold chain with a diamond stone to the baby. Kamini asked where Suman gift was. Dev got angry and expressed his displeasure for the Seths showing off their money.

Shweta’s mother phoned Dhara. She told that Chiku isn’t well and asked the details of his medicine. Dhara got worried and asked her to bring Chiku home immediately. Kalyani said to Rishita that it seemed Dhara wasn’t happy with Rishita’s baby’s arrival.

In the upcoming episode it will be seen that Shweta’s mother will arrive at Pandyas’ house with an unwell Chiku. Suman will order Dhara to go back. Dev and Krish will hold their hands and will stand in front of Dhara.

Dev will ask Shweta’s mom to leave taking Chiku. Rishita will say that this is Chutki’s day and it should be hers. She will say that Dhara shouldn’t spoil it. The priest will ask to bring the other child. Rishita will declare that this naming ceremony won’t happen.

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