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The last week Shiva found Raavi in an unconscious state in the hospital. Ravi gained consciousness and hit Shiva for not coming to the resort as preplanned. Shiva clarified the misunderstanding. He said that he had gone to the wrong resort and had waited for her. He got angry when she did not come. Shiva blamed himself for Raavi’s condition and apologized to her. Shiva and Raavi reconciled and expressed their love for each other.

Later, Raavi narrated to the family how she was attacked by a thief the previous night. Dhara suggested buying a car for Raavi’s safety. She asked Suman to lend her money for the same. Rishita also demanded to give her money for her online business. Suman refused as she didn’t trust that they would repay her money.

Dhara suggested signing a loan contract. Suman agreed. As they were discussing, Shweta’s parents arrived there. Shweta’s mother declared that Shweta would look after Chiku hereafter, but requested the Pandyas to let Shweta stay in their house with Chiku for a month in order to create a bond with Chiku.

The Pandyas are shocked to hear this. A FB showed of Shweta’s mom convinced Shweta for this by threatening to throw her out of the house. To everyone’s surprise, Dhara handed Chiku’s responsibility to Shweta. However, she broke down in her room.

Rishta was glad that Shweta finally accepted Chiku’s responsibility and wished that Shweta and Chiku leave their house soon. Suman promised Shweta’s parents to make Shweta a good mother in just ten days. Shweta was looking for a way to get rid of Chiku.

Later, Suman comforted a heartbroken Dhara. Pandyas got worried when Shiva returned home in an injured condition. On enquiring him, they learned that Shiva got hurt while saving a man. Raavi got emotional hearing this, while Krish felt proud of Shiva.

Shiva and Raavi presented gift to each other. Shiva was shocked to see a costly watch as Raavi’s gift, while Raavi was happy that Shiva gifted her scarf. Raavi realized that she forgot to remove the price tag from the watch and hoped Shiva’s ego wasn’t hurt again.

She lied to Shiva that it’s not a branded watch, but an imitation of that brand. Raavi considered the scarf as a symbol of their love and wanted to wear it whenever Shiva gets angry to remind him of their love. Shiva and Raavi expressed their love for each other.

Shweta pretended to faint holding the baby in her hands to prove Pandyas that she wasn’t capable of raising Chiku. Krish immediately took Chiku from Shweta while Dhara and Raavi made Shweta sit. Krish scolded Shweta and walked out. Shweta put up an act and asked Suman to train her to become like Dhara to which Suman agreed.

Elsewhere, Dev and Rishita visited a godown. Rishita liked that the godown. Dev said that the rent was out of their budget. Rishita complained about Raavi being able to get whatever she wants and demanded him to get the godown she liked for rent. Dev agreed to talk to Suman.

Sumam got furious when she learned that Rishita and Dev had taken Chutki outside before they perform the veneration of God as their family tradition. Rishita refused to accept any such tradition. She argued with Suman. Rishita said that she booked a car for Raavi as she didn’t have any knowledge about cars.

Raavi said that she already booked another car. Later, Pandyas got ready for the godown’s inauguration ceremony. Shweta supported Dhara against Rishita. She gave Rishita a befitting reply when she asked her about her real intention of coming to the Pandyas’ house. 

Pandyas inaugurated Rishita’s godown. Shman cut the ribbon. Rishita looked for the pot to complete the inauguration ritual. Rishita became agitated when she didn’t find the pot and blamed Dhara for not keeping it safe. Raavi asked Rishita to perform the ritual using the water bottle as they were getting late to purchase the car.

Rishita reacted angrily and refused to leave without completing the ritual. Suman asked Dhara to take Raavi and Shiva to the car showroom. Raavi refused and deamanded to purchase the car with the presence of the whole family. It was revealed that shweta hid the pot in order to create conflict between Pandyas so that they didn’t bother to train her.

Shweta asked Rishita to check in baby’s bag once. Raavi checked the bag and found the pot. Raavi accused Rishita of intentionally delaying the car purchase. Suman calmed them down. Later Pandyas purchased the car and celebrated it.

In the night Dhara prepares milk to feed to Chiku and Chutki. Shweta spoiled Chutki’s milk by adding lemon drops to it. Unaware of this, Dhara got ready to feed that milk to Chutki. Rishita got furious when she noticed the milk was spoilt. She accused Dhara of wanting to kill Chutki by giving her spoilt milk.

Shweta acted innocent and said that the milk given to Chiku wasn’t spoilt. Rishita accused Dhara of caring Chiku more than Chutki and lashed out at her. The Pandyas stood by Dhara’s side and found Rishita’s reaction overreacting. The brothers said how Dhara raised them as her own children without differentiating them.

Shweta started her drama. She said that they were fighhting because of Chiku who is unknown to them. She pretended to leave the house, taking Chiku. Dhara stopped her. Rishita got suspicious Shweta and warned the family that they would regret trusting Shweta. Later, Rishita accused Raavi of intentionally soiling the car so that she didn’t use it. Pandyas was shocked by Rishita’s allegations. 

In the upcoming episode, it will be seen that a furious Rishita will return home and will start shouting at Dev accusing him of trying to spoil her business. She will lash out at Dev. She will lock herself. Dhara will look into the room through the window and will be shocked to see Rishita trying to kill herself.

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