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Last week, it was seen that Shweta was scared of losing her freedom after Suman’s decision to send her back to her parents’ house with Chiku. She drowned her sorrow. Krish was shocked to find Shweta drinking the alcohol. He stopped Shweta from drinking it fully.

Shweta opened up to him in her intoxicated condition. She told how she wanted a carefree life, but ended up having a baby. Meanwhile, Dhara felt heartbroken about Chiku’s departure. She potted a plant with Chiku’s hand as Chiku’s memory. Krish witnessed this.

He went near Dhara and pacified her. Dhara burst into tears in front of Krish about going to be parted away from Chiku. On the other hand, Shweta planned to run away. But Krish’s arrival failed it.

The next day Pandyas got ready to send Shweta and Chiku back to Shweta’s parents’ house. Dhara was heartbroken about Chiku’s departure. The Pandyas were puzzled when Shweta’s mother asked Suman why she wanted to send Shweta back home when she had sent a marriage proposal to Shweta. Suman asked whose marriage proposal.

Krish announced his marriage proposal, which shocked the Pandyas. Rishita and Suman opposed Krish’s decision. Shweta refused to marry Krish as he wanted to marry her out of pity. Krish denied it. Rishita tried to talk sense into Krish, but in vain. Krish took Chiku from Shweta and gave it to Dhara. He asked Shweta to decide about his marriage proposal and assured her to accept any of her decisions.

Dhara wondered if Krish wanted to marry Shweta for her sake. She questioned Krish about the same. Krish faked his anger and shouted at Dhara. He immediately apologized to Dhara in his mind.
Krish accused Rishita of feeling insecure, since Shweta’s family is wealthier than hers.

Rishita openly declared that she was against Krish-Shweta’s wedding as Shweta wasn’t the right girl. She spilled that she had fixed CCTV cameras to have a close watch on Shweta and Chiku. She also revealed that she had doubts that Forum and Shweta know each other. Raavi defended Shweta and took Krish’s side.

Suman accused Dhara of sacrificing Krish for her selfishness when Dhara supported Krish’s decision. Dhara clarified that Krish’s happiness was the most important to her. Gautam, Dev and Shiva also joined Krish’s side, while Rishita and Suman stood against. Rishita was sure that Shweta would refuse to marry Krish.

Meanwhile, Shweta shouted at her parents for deciding to get her married to Krish, who hailed from the middle class. She refused to marry Krish. Shweta’s parents forced Shweta to agree by revealing that they have transformed all the properties in Chiku’s name till he turns 18 years old.

Later, Shweta arrived at Pandyas’ house with her parents. Shweta shocked everyone by accepting to marry Krish. But she refused to marry Krish without Suman’s consent ansd started to leave.

Krish stopped Shweta from leaving the house. He asked Shweta if she really wanted to marry him and regretted it later. Shweta said that she wouldn’t. Krish declared that he would marry Shweta in the temple, which shocked everyone. Suman threatened to throw Krish out of the house and to cut all ties with him if he marries Shweta.

But Krish was sure that Suman would accept Shweta. He stated that Suman was harder from outside, but she was softer from inside, so Rishita, whom Suman hated, was now her favorite. Shweta refused to marry Krish without Suman’s consent. She walked out of the house feeling happy that she would be free hereafter.

A car hit Shweta in front of the house and Shweta fainted.  After Shweta gained consciousness, Shweta’s mom declared that she didn’t want Shweta to marry Krish against Suman’s consent. She began to walk with Shweta, but Suman stopped Shweta and gave her approval for Krish and Shweta’s wedding. Pandyas and Patels were happy, while Shweta and Rishita were shocked. 

Krish apologized to Suman for talking badly to her. Shweta got materials for Navratri and returned the balance of money to Dhara to impress the Pandyas. Later, Krish asked Shweta if she was ready for the wedding as he was feeling anxious. Shweta reacted angrily first, then she composed herself and assured him that she is ready. After Krish left, Shweta received Forum’s call.

Forum said that she had been searched by the police, so she was planned to leave for Dubai where her sister was living. Shweta got excited after hearing this. Shweta revealed to Forum her plan to run away to Dubai once her parents would transfer the property to Chiku and would make her his custodian and frame Krish in a domestic violence case.

As Shweta was talking with Forum on the phone, Rishita arrived there. Shweta hanged the call.
Rishita confronted Shweta about suddenly agreeing to marry Krish. She checked her phone and discovered shweta had searched for a job and a house in Dubai. She questioned Shweta about the same.

Shweta lied that she had clicked it mistakenly while looking for her honeymoon destination. Suddenly, Shweta’s phone rang. Rishita saw an unknown number flashing on the mobile’s screen. Shweta shouted at Rishita to question her and makes her leave. However, Rishita was suspicious.

She recollected the call number that Shweta received and dialed her phone. Forum received the call. Dhara arrived there, calling out to Rishita. Forum heard this and disconnected the call. Rishita was sure that the unknown number was Forum.

In the upcoming week, it will be shown that Rishita will try to make Dhara understand that Shweta isn’t the right girl. Dhara will refuse to believe Rishita and will ask her to get proof to prove her words. Rishita will decide to find Forum to expose Shweta’s truth.
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