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The last week it was seen that Shiva saved Dhara from getting hit by the tempo. Dhara got emotional finding Shiva alive. She asked him why he did not return home. Shiva told her everything including about the family who saved him trying to forcibly get him married to their daughter.
Dhara wanted to call Gautam to tell about Shiva being alive. But Shiva stopped Dhara and reminded her about police’s warning. He requested Dhara to keep this away from his family. But Dhara decided to tell this to Raavi. Later Pandyas got shocked when they received land papers which stated that Shiva sold the land for thirty lakhs to Jeevanlal. Dhara realized that they got cheated, but they couldn’t prove it without Shiva.

Meanwhile Shiva fumed in anger knowing that Jeevanlal their land by falsifying the papers. He vowed to get the land back.
Prafulla got scared on seeing wet footprints on the floor. She packed her clothes in a bag and came to Suman’s house to stay. On seeing Raavi decked up Prafulla asked where she was going, Dhara said that Raavi was going to meet Shiva’s ghost shocking Prafulla. The latter tried to stop her, but Dhara left taking Raavi with her.

Family questioned Dhara where she was going with Raavi. Dhara lied to them that they were going out for dinner. Rishita wanted to accompany them. But Dhara refused stating her pregnancy. Family was confused with Dhara’s strange behavior.
Later Raavi got surprised meeting Shiva. She got emotional when she realized that he is alive. They expressed their love for each other and shared an emotional hug. Shiva told Raavi what had happened and why he didn’t return home. He assured Raavi that it was only a matter of some time, he would return home once they would sell the land and would repay the compensation.

Shiva accompanied Raavi till the Pandya house. He had his face covered with a kerchief. Kanta saw Raavi hugging a guy and failed to see Shiva. kanta was shocked and wondered who was the guy with Raavi.
Rishita questions Raavi seeing her coming from back door. Raavi gives some excuses to manage the situation. Dhara also helps Raavi for the same. Rishita grows suspicious that Dhara and Raavi were hiding something.

Kanta says to Suman that she saw Raavi with a guy. Dhara proved that Kanta’s insight had decreased due to her age, so she must have misunderstood someone else for Raavi. Later Gautam questioned Dhara the reason behind her sudden happiness.

Dhara gave some excuses. Gautam misunderstood that Dhara was pregnant and got elated. In the night Raavi went to Prafulla’s secretly and met Shiva. The morning Raavi got ready to return, but got panicked when she heard Suman and Prafulla’s voice outside the house.
Other side Dhara got shocked learning that Suman took Prafulla to her house. She rushed to Suman followed by Rishita. Dhara stopped Suman from going inside Prafulla’s house. Meanwhile Raavi woke up Shiva and said that Suman was standing outside the house. Shiva got worried. Dhara argued with Suman and managed to convince her to go back home. Prafulla went in and got shocked seeing Shiva.

Raavi pretended to not be able to see Shiva to handle the situation. Prafulla fainted due to shock. Raavi returned home. Kanta spotted Raavi on her way. Gautam and Dev met Jeevanlal and asked him to return their land as they knew that Shiva didn’t sell it to him.

Here Rishita got suspicious and confronted Dhara and Raavi. Dhara shared with her that Shiva is alive. Rishita fainted out of the shock. Dev and Gautam questioned why Rishita fainted. Raavi and Dhara gave some excuse. Gautam and Dev got suspicious.
Prafulla came to Suman and claimed of seeing Shiva. Suman refused to believe Prafulla. The latter said to ask Raavi as she was present there. Meanwhile Dhara, Raavi and Rishita discussed about selling Pandya house to solve their problem.

Suman called out Raavi and asked if she saw Shiva as Prafulla was claiming. Raavi said yes but she saw Shiva on TV serial. Suman ousted Prafulla. The latter acted as lunatic and pretended to faint. Dhara suggested Prafulla moving to Kanta’s house. Gautam agreed to pay the rent.
Later Kanta and her daughter in law taunted Raavi about meeting a guy secretly shocking Prafulla. The latter decided to find out who was that guy. Some guests visited Suman. They taunted Raavi and badmouthed her. Suman chased them out of the house. Dhara requested Suman to sell the house. She also put up an emotional act along with Raavi to convince Suman but the latter firmly refused to sell the house.

Dhara grew stubborn to sell the house. She met Shiva and tells her decision. Later Dhara, Raavi and Rishita locked themselves in and refused to have food until Suman would agree to sell the house. Shiva came to Pandya house in disguise. Prafulla spotted him and got doubtful.
In the upcoming week it will be seen that Dhara will threaten to commit suicide if Suman doesn’t agree to sell the house. She will jump into well shocking the family.
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