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Parineeti is a popular Colors TV show. This show always keeps its viewers hooked on the show with many revelations and twists. Now, the series focuses on Neeti’s fake memory loss drama

In a recent episode, we see; Neeti arranged a lawyer. He asked them to bring an eyewitness. Parineet talked with the Daima and convinced her to give an statement against Madhulika. Neeti was upset. Later, Lawyer Danush refuses to fight for Sanju. Neeti lashes out at him. Parineet confronted Madhulika. She slap Madhulika. Madhulika gives a statement against Sanju in the court. Sanju was in a tight spot. Parineet couldn’t prove his innocence.

In the upcoming episode viewers will see; Sanju will request Madhulika to withdraw the case. Madhulika lies to Aluwa that Sanju asked her to leave her husband and spend time with him. Aluwa fights with Sanju. Daima will give her statement in the court.

What will happen next? Will Rajeev find the truth? Will Neeti succeed in his plan?

The upcoming episode will answer all our questions. Stay tuned to our space for more updates