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Parineeti is a popular Colors TV show. This show always keeps its viewers hooked on the show with many revelations and twists. Now, the series focuses on Neeti’s fake memory loss drama

In a recent episode, we see; Mehera refuses to believe Sanju. He complained to him that he messed with a wrong person. Parineet reassures Sanju to bring him out. Neeti creates a scene in the police station. Neeti complaints to Madhulika that she is accusing an innocent. She wasn’t guilty for doing it. Sherly got suspicious seeing Neeti arguing with her. Madhulika created a scene there.
Madhulika says to someone over the phone that they will do a party once Sanju get punished. Parineet hears it. She gets suspicious. She tells her that she framed him in it. Aluwa argues with her. Neeti arranged a lawyer.

In the upcoming episode viewers will see; Parineet says to Sanju that she deliberately framed him in it.
Parineet assures to Sanju that she will find the culprit within 24 hours. The police will take Sanju into the court.

What will happen next? Will Rajeev find the truth? Will Neeti succeed in his plan?

The upcoming episode will answer all our questions. Stay tuned to our space for more updates