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The episode starts with Parineet noticing Sanju holding a stone in his hand. She misunderstands that Sanju is trying to kill her. She loses her grip and falls into the river. Sanju shouts her name. Neeti is on cloud nine. Rakesh says to her that she is died. Neeti says that she returned to her life manytimes. She asks them to check whether she is alive or not? If she is back then their plan will be flop. Rakesh says that rivert flowing faster in this area. She can’t survive. Gurinder pretends like consoling Sanju. Neeti says that she tried to save her but she couldn’t. Sanju says that he will change his destiny. He will bring her back to life. Gurinder says to Neeti that Sanju only believes Parineet not them. He shouldn’t save her. Sanju recalls their moments. Few people notices Sanju rushing towards the dam. Gurinder asks Neeti to inform Daljeet. Neeti demands Rakesh to kill Parineet before Sanju finds her. Sanju searching for her like mad. Rakesh says that she is right. We have to kill her before Sanju finds her.

Daljeet says to Rakesh that Parineet didn’t give heed to him. Rakesh says that she is his love. He is praying for her soul to rest in a peace. Few people stops Sanju from jumping into the river. Sanju pushed them and jumps into the river. They shouts that crocodile is in the river. Gurinder scolds Neeti for not planning anything well. She is scared to get catch. Neeti asks her not to blame her for it. Bebe asks them why are they arguing like this. Gurinder scolds Neeti for revealed her truth to Parineet. Neeti says that she isn’t Parineet to listens to her taunt. Neeti says that she revealed the truth to Parineet. She made her believe that Sanju wanted to kill her. She asks her how is ur possible? She played the voice recording of him. Daljeet calls Neeti and informs her that Sanju finds Parineet. He jumped into the river to save her. Neeti scolds him for not stopped him. She demands him to kill Parineet asap.

Few strangers says that two person jumped into the river to save a girl. Rakesh and Sanju are searching for Parineet. She is stuck in the rock. Sanju feels relieved to see her safe. He prays to the God. Daljeet informs Neeti about it. Neeti demands him to jump into the river. He needs his help. Daljeet complaints that he doesn’t know to swim. Neeti demands him to kill her she doesn’t care about it all. Daljeet says that he won’t risk his life for her. Neeti gets frustrated. Gurinder says that she is also scared. Sanju shouldn’t save her. Daljeet gives a pipe to Rakesh. Rakesh breath through it. A snake comes there to distrub him. Sanju is swims near Parineet. Rakesh tried to shoot her. Neeti thinks that she is alive. They prayed for her death. The gun isn’t working. Parineet floats in the flow of the the river. Rakesh and Sanju couldn’t find Parineet. Sanju manages to hold Parineet. Everyone is shocked to see it. His leg is stuck in the rock. While he tries to release his leg Parineet flows in different direction. Sanju takes her out of the river. But he is shocked to see someone is there. She isn’t Parineet.

Episode end

Precap; A new entry in Parineet’s life

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