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The episode starts with Bebe urging to start the rituals. Neeti apologizes for over reacting but Parineet asks her not to as she didn’t do anything wrong. Pandit asks Rajeev to hold the hands of the mother of the child. He stretches out his hand and Parineet holds it. Neeti is in pain seeing it while the others wash Pari’s feet. Bebe takes Neeti aside and says that she’s not understanding anything that’s happening before her. She again provokes Neeti against Parineet saying that everyone who should be on her side is at Pari’s side. She asks to do anything so that she could bring everyone to her side and throw Pari out of the house. She threatens Neeti.

Neeti gets called and she leaves. Pari asks Neeti to hold her pallu like her and she transfers her blessing to Neeti. Neeti asks what it is. Pari says it’s the blessed rice which she got and she’s passing it to her. She says in the end it’s hers just like the baby. Neeti cries and Pari comforts her. She recalls her saying that she doesn’t like her crying. Neeti recalls their childhood. During their childhood, Pari cries for studying in another school and not together with her. Neeti also cries and they both pray for each other’s happiness.

They promise to always stay by the other person’s side. Neeti says that childhood friendship is very pure and wishes to be like that forever’. Pari says that what’s the difference as even now they are together. Neeti says now there is Sanju between them and Pari reprimands her for talking rubbish. Gurpreet is astonished at their friendship. Neeti couldn’t understand who’s right and who’s wrong.

Drums start playing and Tai ji asks everyone to celebrate the baby’s arrival. Neeti and everyone dance with Pari. Sanju also joins them. Neeti suddenly starts crying and Pari asks what happened. Neeti says she suddenly remembered about her childhood with Pari. Bebe wonders what happened to Neeti. Neeti thanks her for always doing so much for her. Pari asks why she is suddenly saying all this. Neeti thanks her for doing so much for her and only blessed people get friends like her. Sanju is relieved that they are still the same. Neeti is about to confront the truth to Pari but Bebe intervenes and diverts the topic. She resumes the celebration. Sanju thinks that he got worried unnecessarily.

Gurinder suddenly struggles to breathe and Pari and Sanju hold her. The doctor advises some treatment to Gurinder and warns them to give medicine on time. She asks them to be careful. Bebe thinks that Neeti would be happy about it. Bebe wishes that something happens to Gurinder due to Neeti and the blame goes on Pari. Taiji is worried that she invited a big celebrity for function and all of a sudden Gurinder fell ill. She says she could get a high position if he wishes and that she would get an opportunity to help the women. Bebe asks her to carry on as there are many people in the house to take care of Gurinder. Pari agrees with her. Rajeev asks Neeti to give medicine to Gurinder carefully but Taiji asks him to give it to Pari as she would take better care of her. Neeti gets jealous.

Precap : Bebe asks Neeti to use the opportunity to ruin Pari. Neeti exchanges the medicines. Pari helps Rajeev from falling down.

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