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The episode starts with Karam attacking Sanju and escapes from there. Parineet has a nightmare. She calls Sanju and ask him to come back asap. Bebe says to Gurinder that Neeti won’t lose again. This family heir is growing in her womb. They can’t kick her out of this house. Gurinder says that she isn’t demotivating her. She shouldn’t go against the god. Anything can happen in her life next. Neeti says that she is carrying Sanju’s baby. He might marry her now. Later, Tao ji asks Parminder what will they do next? She says that she is going to take a rest for her. She will confirm tomorrow either she pregnant or not? Meanwhile, Neeti is talking with Sanju’s photo. She says to him that he tried a lot to go far from him. She won’t allow him to leave. She is carrying his baby now. We will get married again. She doesn’t know whether she is happy for carrying his baby or get back with him. Neeti thinks that he will come back to home asap when she calls him. Sanju reaches there and hugs Parineet. Neeti thinks that he will come to hug her. She notices them hugging each other. Sanju asks Parineet if she alright? She tells him that she had an nightmare. She thought that he is going far from her. He promises to her that he won’t leave her at any situation. He says that only Parineet is important in his life. She is his everything. He can’t live without her. Neeti thinks that he can’t get over from Parineet.

Sanju says that Parineet has fever. He asks her to take medicine. Neeti thinks that Sanju is hers. Sanju holds Parineet’s hand and take her to their room. Neeti fumes in frustration. Sanju gives medicine to her. He assures her that he won’t leave her. He will be beside her always. He caressed her hair and kissed on her head. Later, Sanju asks Parminder why isn’t she slept yet? She asks him about the detective. He says that he couldn’t catch him. Parineet called him to come back. She says to him that Parineet is in a dilemma. She is thinking that Neeti is her friend. She doesn’t know what’s going on in her mind. Parminder tells him that she will take her pregnancy test tomorrow. The next day, Parminder serving tea to everyone. Sanju glares seeing Neeti. Neeti thinks that he can’t stay away from her. Sanju takes the juice glass and goes near Parineet ignoring her. Neeti fumes seeing it. Parineet asks him to hold the tiffen box. He asks her to hold his hand. She says that everyone is here. He helps her. Parminder asks Neeti why she is looking dull? Bebe says that nothing like that.

Sanju signals to Parminder. He asks her in front of everyone, when she is going to the hospital? Parineet asks her what happened to her? She says that she feels not well. She thought to take a blood test. He asks her if she going alone? She says that Neeti accompany her. She become a part of this family. Neeti thinks that only Parminder was against her. Sanju will listen to her. She is on her side too. Later, Neeti and Parminder reached to the hospital. Neeti thanked her for accepting her child. Parminder says that she has to accept the child. The nurse asks Parminder to take a test. The nurse tried to take the samples of Neeti. Neeti runs from there. Later, Gurinder says to Bebe that she thought to do a Puja for the baby. She asks her to suggest good priest. Neeti returns to home and informs to everyone that Parminder trying to abort her baby. Parminder says that she is lying. Neeti says that the nurse was trying to give an injection to her. She says that she is trying to kill her baby.

Parineet says that she won’t do like that. Sanju says that Parminder did everything as he said. He is doubting either she is pregnant or not? Sanju says that she is lying and fooling everyone. Neeti says that he can ask her once. She shows the report to him. She says that she is pregnant. Neeti asks her to say whether she tried to abort her baby or not? The nurse returned to home. Parineet says that she will reveal the truth. She reveals the truth to them. Gurinder says that she won’t let it slide. She asks Sanju to marry Neeti.

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