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The episode starts with Gurinder asking Sanju to marry Neeti. Everyone is shocked to hear it. She asks them why are they staring her like that? Parminder asks her if she loses her sense? Chandrika says that Parineet already married to Sanju. Bebe says that Gurinder is right. Tao ji asks them to stop this topic. Gurinder says that Sanju might marry Neeti to stop this drama. Parminder says that this wedding won’t take place. Gurinder says that if Neeti can carry Sanju’s baby then he can marry her. Sanju says that she is taking a big decision in his life without asking him. He won’t marry Neeti at any situation. Neeti says that she don’t want to marry him either. She leaves from there. Sanju prevents Parineet from fall down. Bebe says to Neeti that Gurinder is planning to perform her wedding. Neeti says that she don’t want this marriage. She is expecting Sanju to marry her by himself. Later, Amith says to Gurinder that she took a wrong decision. Gurinder scolds him for teaching her what’s right or wrong? Gurinder asks Parineet why did Sanju married to her? Parineet says that she was pregnant. Gurinder says that Parminder convinced Sanju to marry Parineet because she was pregnant. What happened to her now? Neeti is also pregnant today. Won’t the people badmouth on her?

Parminder says that she isn’t understanding anything. Gurinder says that same thing repeating. Neeti become a surrogate mom to Parineet’s baby for her happiness. She used to support Neeti a lot. If she don’t support her then Neeti will die. She says that this people will badmouth on her. No one will try to learn how did she become pregnant. Parineet runs from there. Sanju follows her behind. Parineet closed the door. Sanju requests her to open the door. Parminder says to Gurinder that Neeti isn’t weak to commit suicide. She is supporting her. Neeti is very cunning person. Neeti isn’t fighting like the way Gurinder fighting for her. Parminder says that it means she did this all with Neeti deliberately. Because she likes Neeti. Gurinder asks her to be in her limit. Sanju is her son. She asks her not to come between them. Later, Neeti scolds Gurinder for bring this topic in front of everyone. Gurinder says that she shouldn’t talk like this with her. Tomorrow everything will be alright. Sanju threatens Parineet to open the door. He hugs her. He promises to Parineet that he won’t marry Neeti at any situation. He is hers.

Parineet asks Sanju to marry Neeti and leaves from there. He fumes hearing it. Sanju asks her to say it again. He asks her to look into his eyes. He complaints that she isn’t thinking about his wish. What’s going on in his heart. She says that she is also heartbroken. She started loving him since she met him first. She sacrificed him when she learnt about Neeti. Sanju says that she is loving him a lot. Then why she is trying to sacrifice him to Neeti. Sanju says that he loved Neeti. He just had attraction on her. He realised today that Parineet is everything to him. He gave promises to her. He realised his true love when she came to his life. He understands that meaning of love when she came to his life. He can’t leave her at any cost. Parineet says that if he married to Neeti then we won’t get separate. We can be a good friends. Sanju pushed her away. She is his wife. He won’t back off from his responsibility. Parineet says that he is taking decisions in anger. Sanju says that she isn’t understanding anything. Bebe asks them to attend the puja tomorrow. Sanju and Parineet brake down in tears.

At night, Parineet covers the bedsheet on Sanju. He lays on her lap. Neeti hugs Sanju’s photo and sleep. The next day, the priest asks Sanju to sit on the puja. Gurinder asks Neeti to sit beside Sanju. The priest says that Parineet is his wife. Sanju refuses to sit beside Neeti. Sanju says that Parineet is his wife. He is the father of the child then Parineet is mom. Neeti carrying this baby for Parineet’s happiness. Bebe asks Neeti to abort this baby.

Episode end

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