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The episode starts with Neeti saying to Parineet that she don’t like Sherly. She likes someone else. Parineet asks her what’s she saying? He is her brother-in-law. Neeti says that she likes Sanju a lot. Neeti saying to her that she feels weird with him. She likes Sanju a lot. She feels like she knew him before. Parineet asks her if she know what’s she saying? Neeti says that she don’t want to get engaged with Sherly. She thought she loves her. She asks her to stop this engagement and give Sanju to her for her happiness. Bebe hears it all. Meanwhile, Daljeet feels like someone follows him. Rakesh’s goons are waiting to attack him. Daljeet thinks he may mistaken. Daljeet runs away from there. The goons follows him. Later, Monty asks Sanju if Sherly is aware of Neeti’s divorce. Sanju says that he is his boss’s son. He may informed him about it. Sherly comes there. Sanju introduces Monty to him. Monty teases Sherly for wandering his eyes. Mrs. Mehera is upset. Daljeet gets into a cab and leaves from there. Later, Neeti laughs at Parineet.

Neeti says to Parineet that she is pranking her. Sanju is handsome. If she really likes him then she would have stopped her from marrying Sanju. Neeti won’t snatch someone’s husband. She isn’t such type. Parineet says that she is scared. She will do anything for her happiness. Neeti asks her to give her husband to her. She says that she is scared again. Neeti takes Parineet from there. Bebe thinks that Neeti is smart. Meanwhile, Daljeet thinks that someone is following him. He doesn’t know who are they? Parminder asks Mrs. Mehera why she looks upset? She tells her that she don’t like Neeti marrying Sherly. She wanted to reveal the truth to Sherly. Parminder asks her if she didn’t share anything with Sherly yet? She nodded to her. Gurinder asks them if they are discussing about something important. Mehera denies it. Later, Neeti and Parineet comes there. Both are staring at Sanju.

Daljeet calls Neeti. Bebe thinks that Neeti is plotting something big. She will break this family apart. She thinks that she will bring her truth in front of everyone. Sherly praises Neeti’s beauty. Neeti says that she is lucky to get him. Sanju says that Sherly is lucky because she is his family. She is Parineet’s best friend.
Bebe says that she wants to say something important to them. She asks Sherly to insert the ring in Neeti’s hand. Their relationship will stays long together. Neeti gets irritated and leaves from there. Bebe thinks that it will definitely happen. Gurinder asks her if she said anything. Neeti locked herself in a washroom. She thinks that this engagement shouldn’t take place. She already married to Sanju. Her conscience comes there and says that Neeti’s truth will be out if she stops this engagement. She says that she don’t care. Her conscience is teasing her and disappears. Parineet says to Neeti that she feels like she was talking with someone inside the washroom.

Neeti thinks that she might stop this engagement without getting catch. The goons starts attacking Daljeet. He is shocked to see Tiger there. Daljeet runs from there. Daljeet sends message to Neeti to help him. Rakesh sent the goons to attack him. Gurinder confronts Bebe. Bebe reveals to her that Neeti is pretending to lose her memory. She is plotting against them. Sanju prevents Parineet from fall down. Neeti feels jealous.

Episode end

Precap; Rakesh attacks Daljeet

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