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The episode starts with Bebe asking everyone why Rakesh is behind Parineet. What does he want from her? If she has a relationship with him? Neeti says that he loves her but she got married. She isn’t a girl who goes behind another man after getting married. Neeti indirectly insulted her. Bebe asks her why didn’t she give a police complaint against him? If she was scared of his background? Neeti says that Parineet is a traditional girl. She still loves her husband Rajeev. She is loyal to him. But Rakesh doesn’t leave her and keeps troubling her. Parineet isn’t a girl to be in a relationship with another man. Parineet praises her with sarcasm. Sanju also takes a stand for Parineet. Bebe pretends to praise her and asks Neeti to take her inside. Gurpreet comes there. Gurinder thinks that she can’t keep quiet seeing her. She doesn’t know how to face her. Parminder welcomes Gurpeet inside. Parineet informs her that she is feeling better. She consulted the doctor today.

Parminder apologizes to Gurpeet on behalf of Gurinder. Gurpreet asks them why they apologize to her for Gurinder’s mistake. When they are not wrong, she shouldn’t hesitate to ask them. She had to apologise to her, not them. Parminder says that she has to apologise to her for insulting her. Gurinder apologizes to her. Gurpreet says that she was too loud when she insulted her. Now her voice is not coming out of her mouth when she is apologizing. Gurpreet forgives her. Parminder asks her to attend the wedding. Meanwhile, Bebe asks Neeti what’s going on between Parineet and Rakesh? She tells her there is nothing between them. She will tell you tomorrow. Bebe says that she can’t control her excitement when it comes to Parineet’s matters.

Neeti asks her what it is? Bebe tells her that she betrayed her daughter and snatched her happiness. Neeti narrates to her about Rakesh. Bebe asks her to use him against Parineet. Neeti says that he is a dangerous person. He is a thug. Bebe asks her why she cares for her? She snatched her husband from her. She feels shameful for her act. But she still cares for her. Bebe says that it’s not wrong to do wrong things to the wrong people. She provokes her against Parineet. She advises her to use this opportunity.

Gurpreet hears Neeti’s conversation and asks her what’s going on? Bebe says that it’s not good to hear others’ conversation. Bebe asks Neeti to take her near Parineet. She thinks that this is going to be fun. Parineet recalls the way Rakesh chases her behind. Chandrika comes there. She shouts in fear. Parineet shares her fear with Chandrika. She asks her when Rakesh will stop coming behind her. Chandrika consoles Parineet. She says to her that Bebe is the one provoking Neeti against her. She is creating a rift between them. She is determined to break this family apart. She asks Parineet to leave this matter and drink milk, but she refuses. Sanju comes there and assures her that he will take care of her. Parineet refuses to drink the milk.

Sanju asks her not to be adamant and drink the milk. He makes her drink the milk. He helps her to wipe her lips. Parineet admires him. Parineet tells him that she can drink it. Parineet holds his hand to stop him from leaving. She thanked him for saving her life. She says that she is aware there is no relationship between them though she has to thank him. He says good night to her and leaves. Gurpreet comes there.

Episode end

Precap; Sanju will hit Rakesh. He ask him how he could to enter his house. He will lie to him that Parineet called him here. Sanju will ask him to shut up. He asked him not to blame Parineet. Rakesh will ask Neeti why her husband is so jealous?

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