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The episode starts with Neeti asking Sanju to sign in the documents. Ambika reads the term and condition and sign in it. Parineet looking around for Babli. Neeti says that she helped him a lot in this business. He says that it’s their dream project. Parineet worries about Babli and leaves from the there. Parineet searched for Babli. Sanju thinks why did Parvati excuses them in the middle. Parineet is shocked to see the way Daljeet trying to molest Babli. She beats him. Sanju notices Daljeet on the floor. He asks them what’s going on here? Parineet says that he should ask this question to Daljeet. She can’t even explain it to him. Its so disgusting. She says that he is his brother. His could he misbehave with a girl? Neeti gets frustrated to see the situation there. Sanju lashes out at Daljeet for it. Neeti says that he might be punished. How could he do like this. She is like her sister. Rakesh did the same to Parineet. Sanju says that he shouldn’t stay in this house. Bebe asks him where will he go? He says that he doesn’t care about it. He asks her to call the police asap. Parineet takes Babli from there.

Parineet consoles Babli that she is safe here. She don’t need to worry about anything. Babli thanked her for saving her. She consoles her. Gurpreet comes there. She asks them if anything happened there. Babli lies to her that nothing happened. She was just helping Parvathi to looking around the house. Its her room. Its the big room here. Chandrika comes there and takes Gurpreet from there. Parineet says that she might punish him. She asks her to take an action against him. Ambika asks her to give a complaint against him. Babli denied it reasoning they are staying here. She adds that Gurpreet will be heartbroken if she comes to know it. She can’t hurt her for it. Parminder will also worry about her. They don’t have another place to go. We are working here. Bebe pretends like consoling her. Meanwhile, Neeti asks Sanju to calm down. Sanju vented out his frustration on Neeti. She asks him to think about his project. if he calls the police then it will affect the image of his project. Sanju says that he doesn’t care about it all. He is determined to punish him. Neeti says that Babli is in her wedding age. She won’t get a groom if this news comes out. Parminder will worry about him. Sanju says that he doesn’t give respect to his parents then how will he respect a girl.

Ambika asks Parineet to calm down. She shouldn’t expose herself to them. Neeti is trying to convince Sanju. Gurinder says that he did it in an intoxicated state. He has to give another chance to him. This project is important to them. We shouldn’t lose it. She manages to convince him. Neeti asks Gurinder to wake him up and leaves. The manager asks Sanju to sign in the project. He signed it and leaves. Meanwhile, Gurinder wakes up Daljeet. He regrets for messed up the situation. Gurinder lashes out at him for tried to molest Babli. She says that he ruined everything. Later, Ambika advises to Parineet. She complaints that they are treating her sister and mom like this. How will she tolerate it. Sanju says that her anger is right. He shouldn’t have misbehaves with Babli. He might be punished for it. He will call the police. Parineet hits her hands on the table. Ambika fears that he will find out her identity. Sanju gets suspicious. Parineet says that why didn’t he take an action against him yet. She is like his sister right. She is his wife sister. She isn’t safe in this house. Who is responsible for it? Where will she go? Neeti says that she is reacting like this because she is her sister. Parineet admits it.

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