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The episode starts with Leo pointing a gun at Rajeev. He says to him that today his life is over. Parineet beats him from behind. Parineet helps Rajeev to get up. He leaves from there, taking Parineet. Leo follows them behind. Meanwhile, Babli feels irritated when she hears loud music from Monty’s room. She isn’t able to concentrate on reading the book. Monty is busy doing work out. Babli demands Monty to open the door. He makes faces and opens the door. Babli scolds him for playing loud music. He tells her that it’s his room. He will play loud music. Babli asks him not to play it until her exams are over. He mocks at her. Both are arguing with each other. Parminder comes there. Babli complaints to her that he isn’t allowing her to study. Parminder demands him not to play loud music. Babli wants to prepare for her exams. He receives a call from Rajeev. He informs her everything. They rush to the hospital.

Parineet asks Neeti to take a deep breath. Rajeev thinks that Neeti poked her head in this unnecessary matter. Leo followed them. Rajeev diverts him. Neeti asks Parineet to go fast. She couldn’t bear the pain. Leo shoots, aiming at Parineet. Neeti asks her,” Does someone follow them? She denies it. Meanwhile, Parineet worries about Neeti’s baby. Rakesh comes there and notices them. He searches for Parineet. He thinks that he is waiting for a chance. He hasn’t forgotten Parineet yet. He would definitely take her with him. Rakesh notices that Parineet crosses him. He is shocked to find Leo following her behind. He calls Alahwad to stop him.

Alahwad contacts Leo and demands him not to harm Parineet. It’s not the right time to kill her. It will affect his political career. He clears with him that he isn’t angry on him. Rakesh isn’t taking her name now. Leo gets angry. Meanwhile, Rajeev takes Neeti to the hospital. He shares his condition with the doctor. Family members get there. Rajeev remembered his Pehras with Neeti. She couldn’t do it with him. She worries about her baby. The doctor informs Rajeev that she can’t find any movement of her baby. Everyone was shocked to hear it. Parineet shares this with Biji.

Biji prays for Neeti’s safety. She apologizes to god for cursed her on lohri. She shouldn’t have said those words to her. She adds that she couldn’t see her coming between Parineet and Rajeev. That is why she scolded her. She prays to god to save her. Meanwhile, Rajeev asks Parminder what will happen to Neeti? She asks him to hope for the best. Parineet feels guilty hearing it. Rajeev consoles her. Parineet takes the blame on her. She tells him that Neeti risked her life to stop Vishal’s wedding. She misunderstood that he was her husband.

Neeti gains consciousness. She inquires the doctor about her baby. The doctor informs her that her baby is fine. It’s a miracle. Neeti thanked her. The doctor asks her to thank the people who admitted her to the hospital. She recalled the incident and searched for Parineet. She is adamant about meeting Parineet. Parineet is blaming herself for Neeti’s state. Neeti looks stunned seeing them together.

Episode end

Precap; Neeti will reveal to Parineet that she saw Rajeev hugging someone else in front of her. He said to her that Parineet didn’t have any place in his life. Neeti will demand Sanju to promise her to send Rajeev to jail. He will promise her. Rakesh will overhear Rajeev’s conversation with the doctor.

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Parineetii 28th January 2023 Written Update: Neeti’s life in danger