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The episode starts with Bebe scolding Neeti for messed up everything. Parineet says to her that Neeti isn’t aware it will end up like this. Monty asks them how will they take Sanju out in a bail. Madhulika thinks that they can’t take Sanju out in a bail. The lawyer assures Madhulika that they can’t win against them. It’s a one sided case. Meanwhile, Monty says to Parineet lots of lawyers are here. We have to hire anyone for Sanju. Neeti says that they can’t win the case. They are not advocates to fight for Sanju. She can hire someone else. Parineet says that Monty is right. We don’t have enough time to find a new lawyer. She is giving everything in God’s hand. Neeti thinks that Parineet’s lawyer shouldn’t bring Sanju out. Meanwhile, Parineet and Monty are talking with the lawyers. They refuses to take the case. One of the lawyer asks them to talk with Balli. Parineet is surprised to see him taking a reel.

Parineet and Monty explains the case with him. He gets excited to get a new case in his life. Parineet narrates the case history to him. He is shocked to hear Singhaniyaa going to appear as a prosecutor. Balli refuses to take the case. Parineet requests him to save Sanju. She tells him that they made a false accusations on him. If he win in this case then he will get lots of case in his life. She managed to convince him. He agreed to take the case for her. Later, the police takes Sanju to the court. He stares his family emotionally. Parminder asks Parineet about Daima. She tells her that she is on the way. Parminder says that Madhulika may offer the money to her. Parineet says that Daima knew well about Madhulika. Neeti says to Parineet that she don’t think he can argue well in the court. Sherly says that she shouldn’t judge anyone by their look. Prosecutor started arguing against Sanju. He creates a story there and accuses Sanju there. He complaints that Sanju molested Madhulika. The police catch her red-handed. Sanju played with his client respect.

Parminder wishes to slap him for badmouthing on Sanju. Tao ji asks them to calm down. Parineet is in a dilemma. The judge asks Balli to start his argument. He stays silent there. Neeti thinks that he isn’t saying anything. The prosecutor says that he is also admitting that Sanju is guilty. Balli gets up and started talking random things in a fear. The prosecutor makes fun of him. The judge asks him not to waste the court time. He says to the judge that Madhulika is lying. She is playing with Sanju’s respect. He asks Balli if he is in his sense. He excuses the judge and drinks the water. Sanju thinks why Parineet brought him here. He looks like a fool. Parineet asks him why he is blabbering in the court? He can clearly say that he is not guilty. He says that he is scared to oppose the senior. She motivates him. Madhulika gets a phone call. She leaves from there. Parineet gets suspicious and follows her behind.

Madhumita talking with someone on the phone. She says that she wanted to act like innocent inside. Parineet hears it. She says that she doesn’t has a shame. She slaps her. Madhumita says that Sanju molested her but his wife slapped her. Parineet asks her to stop this drama. She is taking advantage of being a woman. She makes a false accusations on Sanju. Madhulika says that her husband is blindly trusting and do anything for her. She wanted to hear the judgement. Parineet says that she is opposing her now. She will go inside for wasting the court time. Aluwa asks her to leave her wife hand. Parineet says that his wife crossing the limits. She is believing in the God. He will prove that Sanju is innocent. His wife made a false accusations on Sanju. He provoked Sanju’s wife. When Madhulika’s truth come out he can’t face anyone in shame. She shouts on him. Parineet says that she has to save her tears. She will cry for sure.

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Precap; Madhulika gives a statement against Sanju

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