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The episode starts with Parineet asking Janaki why did she lied in the court? She changed her statement in the court. If she really thinking Sanju molested Madhulika? She promised to her that she will say the truth in the court. Parineet says that she won’t leave her till she reveal the truth. If Madhulika closed her mouth by offering money to her. Janaki says that she was in such situation. Parineet says that she would have offered a job to her. She betrayed her and Sanju. How will she sleeps peacefully by taking a wrong side. Janaki is about to say something to her. Madhulika takes her from there. Parineet gets suspicious. Meanwhile, Madhulika thanked Aluwa for supporting her. He says that he loves her a lot. She thanked Janaki. She thinks that she thought her plan would have flop. She is lucky to get a husband like Aluwa. He says to Janaki that he will fulfill the promise he given to her. He cleared her debts. He threatens her that he has the bank details of her. She thinks that she lied in the court for it.

Meanwhile, Chandrika asks Parineet to go with her. She refuses to go reasoning she can’t face Parminder. She assured them that she will bring him back to home. Chandrika asks her not to give up her hope. She got another 24 hours time. She may find enough proof to take Sanju out in the bail. Parineet asks her what will she do? If she want to find another evidence? She already lost an evidence. Chandrika asks her to keep thinking about it. She may get some idea. Everything is in her hand now. She advises her to use this opportunity. Parineet gets some idea. She thanked her for opening her eyes. She assures her that she will do anything to bring him out. Later, Parminder refuses to eat the food. Tao ji tries to convince her. Parminder says that her son is in jail. How could she eat food? Tao ji says that she has to support Parineet. She will definitely do something to bring him out. He is trusting her. Meanwhile, Balli returns the money to Parineet. He tells her that he couldn’t save her husband. He doesn’t deserve this money at all. She says to him that he agreed to take this case. So, he deserved this money.

Parineet says to him that court given another 24 hours time to them. We didn’t tried much to collect the evidence. He says that she is motivating him a lot. Parineet and Balli reached to the hotel. She notices the tight security there. Balli says that something is fishy. The security didn’t allow them to go inside. Parineet says to Balli that Madhulika is a cunning person. She may be trying to hide the evidence. She asks him to think something to go inside. He notices the waiters going out. He talks with them. The waiter badmouthing on Sanju after Parineet introduced herself to him. Parineet lashes out at them. Balli beats them from behind. He asks her to change their uniform with them. Parineet and Balli entered into the hotel disguised like waiters.
Later, Aluwa says to Madhulika that she is innocent. Then why did she arranged this tight security? She tells him that she don’t want to take any risk till the judgement comes favour to them. Parineet is very smart. She may collect some evidence against her. Sanju might be punished. She flirts with him. Aluwa says to her that he is going to give party to the inspector for supporting them.

Dadi hears it all. She don’t like Madhulika at all. He isn’t allowing her to talk against her. A servant notices Parineet and Balli. She gets suspicious and goes to inform Madhulika. Parineet says to Balli that they are in danger. We have to collect the evidence and leave from this place asap. Parineet and Balli started searching for the evidence. She notices the glass. She collected the water in a bottle. She places the jug, glass inside the bag. Parineet narrates the situation to him. They tried to leave from there but Madhulika comes there.

Episode end

Precap; Parineet attacks Madhulika

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