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The episode starts with Rajeev inquiring the doctor about Neeti’s health. The doctor informs him that his condition is critical. She wants to have a sonography to check her baby’s condition. She asks him to accompany her to sign the form. Parineet thinks about what’s going on there. She enters into the room and gets emotional seeing Neeti in an unconscious state. She asks her to open her eyes and say what’s bothering her? She will do anything for her. The nurse asks her to leave from there, reasoning she wants to take Neeti out to take Sonography. Later, Rajeev asks the nurse to save his Neeti. He isn’t able to live without her. She is his everything. He pleads with her to save her. Parineet touched his shoulder in a consoling way. He hugs her, surprising her and cries his heart out. He shares his grief with her. Parineet assures him that nothing will happen to Neeti and her baby. Both cry thinking about Neeti.

Parineet prays to god for Neeti’s recovery. She prays to god to save Neeti and her baby. She pleads with god to punish her instead of Neeti. She asks god to help Neeti to come over it. Rajeev also joins Parineet in the prayer. On the other hand , the doctor gave treatment to Neeti. Parineet asks Rajeev what the doctor said to him? He says that the doctor said they will confirm everything after the sonography. He requests Parineet to pray for Neeti. Rajeev thinks that he is selfish. He is asking his first wife to pray for his second wife. He doesn’t want to hurt her anymore, but he has no option in his hand. Parineet assures him that nothing will happen to her.

Neeti gets concious and gets a panic attack, remembering Parineet and Sanju’s closeness. The doctor understood her situation and gave injection to her. The doctor informs Parineet that Neeti is out of danger now. But she got a panic attack. Rajeev doubts what’s bothering her? What if she learnt about his secret? Parineet asks him. Did Biji say anything to her? He denied it. He thinks that neither he didn’t argue with her nor family members said anything to her. Parineet asks him what happened to her? He says to her that he doubts Neeti saw their photo. Parineet says that it’s her mistake to keep that photo with her. Everything happened because of her. She may doubt they have some illegal relationship with each other. Rajeev asks her to stop taking blame on her. She already did manything for his family and Neeti. Parineet asks him to talk with Neeti and clear this misunderstanding between them. Later, Simi noticed Gurinder was nervous. She wishes to provoke her against Parineet. She pretends like inquiring her what’s bothering her? Gurinder tells her that Parineet is the reason for everything. Because of her Neeti went to hospital. Simi says that Parineet pretends to be innocent. She is often saying that she will go out but still staying here. She provokes her to kick Parineet out of the house. She adds that Neeti will get a good place in Biji’s heart after Parineet left. Meanwhile, The Nurse informs Rajeev and Parineet that Neeti isn’t ready to meet anyone. Parineet thinks that why she is ignoring her.

Rajeev goes to meet Neeti and says to her that she should have married to the doctor. She is staying in the hospital more than her in laws house. Rajeev asks her why she is avoiding him? Neeti tells him that she find out everything. Neeti shares with him that she knew well Parminder and Biji doesn’t like her and didn’t accepted her yet as their daughter-in-law. But she thought Sanju will be with her but she was wrong. Rajeev tells her that she knew well that he loves her a lot. Neeti tries to cut the topic there. He asks her to don’t hide anything from him. It will bring gao between them. Neeti says that it’s already came. She demands him to leave her. Rajeev tells her that he won’t leave anywhere leaving her alone. She asks him what will Parineet do then? Neeti demands him to go to Parineet. She doesn’t need their help. Rajeev thinks that he was right Neeti saw his photo. He tells her that she misunderstood something. Neeti complaints that she saw them together in kitchen. Her eyes won’t lie to her. Neeti gets panic attack there. Rajeev pleads with Parineet to bring the doctor. Rajeev says to her that she was his first love always she is. Parineet gets hurt to see Neeti’s state. Parineet informs him that she wants to leave Chandigarh.

Episode end

Precap; Rajeev will advise Parineet. Neeti will say to Parineet that she considered her as her sister from the childhood days. But she has no idea she will snatch her husband from her. Gurinder will humiliate Parineet in front of Neeti which makes Rajeev furious and shout on her. Neeti will ask him why he is stopping Gurinder? Neeti will humiliate Parineet

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