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The episode starts with Rakesh saying to Neeti that Parineet is going to his house after the wedding. Sanju will bring another sautan and roam around with her. Sanju shouts at him. Alavat asks them to start the rasam. The priest starts the rasam. Sanju gets irritated to see the way Rakesh is staring at Parineet. Gurinder asks Neeti to take Parineet to change her dress. Sanju talks with the detective to expose Rakesh and Alavat in front of everyone. He asks him to help him to expose them. Bebe hears his conversation. Neeti thinks that she doesn’t know when these problems will end up in her life. Bebe comes there and informs her that Sanju was trying to expose Rakesh and Alavat. Neeti says that it doesn’t matter. Bebe says that this wedding won’t take place if the truth comes out. Bebe influences Neeti. She says that she has to alert Rakesh to be careful. Neeti asks her to leave or else Parineet will listen to their conversation.

Gurinder talks with Rakesh’s mom. She requests Gurinder to check Sanju. She asks him to make Sanju stay away from Parineet. Rakesh doesn’t like him staying close to her. She is aware that Sanju doesn’t have any wrong intentions. But she fears that Rakesh may do something in anger. Gurinder says that Parineet will leave this house today. She is going to marry Rakesh. Then no one is able to go near her. Parminder comes there and scolds Gurinder. She taunts both of them. Sanju comes there and asks them what’s going on there? Gurinder says that she isn’t leaving any chance to insult her. She insulted her in front of the guests too. Monty explained it to him. Later, Parineet asks Neeti what was bothering her? Neeti says that Sanju was blabbering about her Sanju. Parineet asks her not to take his words to her heart. She is aware of Rakesh’s character. He may be going to marry her. It doesn’t mean that he can sit on their head. She asks her to ignore his words. Neeti says that if she apologizes on behalf of him, nothing will change here. Parineet says that Sanju loves Neeti a lot. No one was able to separate her from him.

Neeti asks her why she sat with Sanju in the pooja? She says that she wasn’t aware of that. Neeti says that it’s weird. Because she used to know all the rasam. Meanwhile, Rakesh’s mom starts the next rasam. Rakesh is frustrated to see Sanju staring at Parineet. Rakesh dances with Parineet. Gurinder asks Sanju to dance with Neeti. Rakesh tries to make Sanju jealous by dancing close with Parineet. Neeti gets upset when Sanju ignores her. Sanju fumes seeing Rakesh making Parineet uncomfortable. Neeti walks away from there. Parminder notices it and goes behind Neeti. Neeti tried to control her frustration. She lied to her that she wasn’t well. Parminder asks her not to lie. What is bothering her? Neeti lies to her that nothing like that. She will get her help when she needs it. Parminder assures her that she is there to support her.

Rakesh asks Bebe to talk with the priest he has to do the rasam Parineet did with Sanju. Bebe asks the priest to do the same pooja with Rakesh because he made a mistake by thinking of Sanju as her husband. Neeti asks him to rectify his mistake. The priest asks Rakesh to hold the bride’s hand. She hesitates to give her hand. He held her hand tighter. She feels pain in her hand. The priest asks Rakesh to repeat the mantras or else there is no guarantee of seven births. He shouldn’t leave her hand either. Rakesh assures him. A child mistakenly hits him. Rakesh leaves her hand when he loses his balance. A relative says that it’s a bad omen. Rakesh says that it’s not like that. He asks the priest to do it again. The priest says that once it is broken it won’t happen again. Rakesh asks him to do it again for this birth. Rakesh gets frustrated.

Episode end

Precap; Parineet runs behind Parineet. She asks him why he was behaving weirdly? He asks her why it matters to her? She says that it’s matter to her. Meanwhile, Sanju says to Neeti that she can lie to everyone but not with him.

Episode begins with Nityam finds Saavi’s duppata and screams Saavi’s name. Saavi hears him and sees him. Nityam turns around and sees Saavi. They smiles at each other. He can’t believe that she actually came to meet him. She tells him that how can she leave without meeting him. On the other hand, Manav tries to go to search Saavi. But Police officer stops Manav. So Manav returns to temple.

Nityam notices that Saavi is shivering and he covers Saavi with her duppata. Then he covers her with his jacket. He tells her that he is glad she is fine. He apologizes to her for calling her to meet him in this weather. Saavi tells him that it was important for her to meet him today. He asks her that why she wanted to meet him. She tells him that she want to know the complete truth before beginning new life.

Priest tells Manav that auspicious time may get over. Manav tells him that he is here worried about Saavi but the latter is talking about auspicious time. He asks him that how can marriage happen without the bride. Raksham asks him to calm down. Vedika tells Raksham to call Nityam. Manav says that he know where is Nityam. Sonam says that Manav is saying like this because he is in tension. She takes Manav from there.

A tree is about to fall on Saavi so Nityam comes in between tree and Saavi to save Saavi. Saavi tells Nityam that his workout session become useful today. Nityam teasingly asks her that if she saw his workout session. He tells her that he want to confess his feelings to her so she should not interfere. She tells him that he can’t handle this tree weight alone. They pushes the tree. She gives massage to his shoulder ( Nazdikiyaan song plays in the background ). He tells her that he is fine. He says that he did not thought Saavi has this much energy by eating roti roll. She asks him that he noticed that.

He tells her that he noticed her every small things in the last two months. He says that they should leave from there. He realises that his leg is stuck in the stone. He tells her that water level is keep increasing. He says that he called Saavi to priya farm house to tell his feelings to her. And it was love at first sight for him and she completes him. He adds that he realised now that his life is nothing without her. He lists out her qualities and says she is unique. He tells her that he love her.

Manav tells Sonam that Saavi is with Nityam. Nutan asks him that what is he saying. And why his love become weak. She tells him that Saavi will marry him because she trust her daughter. Saavi tells Nityam that it’s too late. And she can’t break the commitment.

Episode ends.

Precap – Nityam and Saavi reaches the temple. Manav tells Priest to begin the mantras.

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