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The episode starts with Rakesh being shocked to find Neeti instead of Parineet. He calls the goon and inquires him why he kidnapped her? He asks him, didn’t he order him to kidnap his sister-in-law? She isn’t Parineet. Meanwhile, Bebe says to Rajeev that she is going to pray in the temple until Neeti returns home. Parineet says to Rajeev that Rakesh or Leo definitely kidnapped her. Rakesh calls him on time. Rajeev warns him that he won’t leave him or his party if something happens to Neeti. Rakesh tells him that he doesn’t need Neeti either. Just take her from here and bring Parineet to him. Rajeev says to him that Neeti isn’t well. Rakesh says that he saw his true colors in the hospital. Parineet was waiting outside but he was behind Neeti. He understood his plan.

Rakesh says that he left Parineet with him to take care of her. But he isn’t making her happy. He can’t see someone hurting her. He hated to see Parineet shed tears. Rajeev inquires him about Neeti. Rakesh says to him that he doesn’t need Neeti. He asked his goons to kidnap Parineet but they mistakenly took Neeti. Rakesh demands him to give Parineet to him and take his Airhostess wife from there. Rajeev says that he won’t send Parineet to him. Likewise, he will save Neeti from him. Parineet recalls the way Neeti ended up in danger, always for her sake. She thinks that she is a bad omen. She is always a burden to them. She might go far from this house. Parineet asks him to say the location. Rajeev demands her not to make any decisions in a rush.

Rakesh asks Rajeev to stop arguing and sends Parineet to him. He threatens him to harm Neeti. He disconnected the call. Parineet says that she is a bad omen. She is an unlucky person. It’s written in her destiny. She is always causing problems. If she goes to him, then Neeti would be free from him. She doesn’t want to hurt her anymore. Rajeev asks her what she is up to? Why is she risking herself to save Neeti? Parineet tells him that she is ready to do anything. Rajeev asks her to think about her life. Parineet tells him that Rakesh is a dangerous person. He will go any extreme to get what he wants.

Neeti threatens Rakesh that she will ruin his party name. Rakesh says that she is saying the same thing of her husband. Both are perfect Jodi. Rakesh mocks at her. He tells her that Parineet is on the way to see him.

Neeti fumes at him. Parineet says to Rajeev that he is not able to stop her. He says that he has all the rights to her. Rajeev tells her that she is his wife. Parineet says that he wasn’t treating her as his wife. Her Rajeev turned out to be someone else, Sanju. She went out all her anger on him. Parineet says that he lost all rights on her. Rajeev shares with her that he won’t allow her to go out. Parineet leaves from there. Rajeev’s friend calls him. He shares everything with him. He assures to help him. Rajeev leaves to inform Parineet about it.

Neeti asks Rakesh to stop day dreaming. Rakesh says to her that nothing will happen to him. He will write his name on Parineet’s hand. He will celebrate haldi and mehandi with her. He says that Rajeev doesn’t deserve her. Neeti tells him that she hates him. Rakesh tells her that he hates Rajeev even Neeti hates him. Both like Parineet. She is at his side now. Meanwhile, Parineet goes to the location. Rajeev finds the letter written by Parineet. He fumes in anger after reading it. He thinks that both are adamant not to listen to his words. He thinks of a way to save both. Neeti argues with Rakesh. Rakesh tells her that the Goons mistakenly kidnapped her here. Parineet would have refused to marry him. But she won’t deny it when Neeti is in his custody.

Rakesh thinks that he wants to marry Parineet asap or else his dad will send someone to stop this wedding like last time. Alahawat calls him on time. Rakesh attends his call without option. He tells him that he got the news that his party will rule this time. Rakesh pretends to congratulate him.

Episode end

Precap; Rajeev will reach the spot. Parineet will save Neeti. Both will hide from seeing Rakesh. Police will surround the spot. Rajeev will strangle Rakesh’s neck. Munni will aim at Parineet. Neeti will come between them. He will shoot at her abdomen. Neeti will faint

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Parineetii 4th February 2023 Written Update: A shock awaits Rakesh