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The episode starts with Parminder saying to Neeti that she won’t allow her to come between Parineet and Sanju. She lashes out at her. Parineet tells her that it’s not Neeti’s mistake. Parminder asks her to shut up. If Neeti thinking that she will forget all her mistake and accept her back. She won’t change at all. She crossed all her limits and creating more problems here. Sanju asks her to stop it. Parminder leaves from there in anger. Neeti recalls her words and feels dizzy. Parineet comes there. Neeti tells her that she doesn’t know what’s going on? She feels suffocating. She doesn’t want Parinee to go through the same pain of her. She asks her to give few minutes time to her. Parineet hugs her from behind. She calm her down. She tells her that she is alright. Neeti asks her why did Parminder said like that to her? What have she done? Parineet lies to her that nothing happened. Neeti forcing her to say the truth. She threatens her not to talk with her again. Meanwhile, Parminder lost in her thoughts.

Sanju apologized to her for being rude to her. Parminder says that they are not seeing Neeti in the way she see her. Gurinder asks her to believe in the doctor’s report. Parminder says that she will believe that she lose her memory for Parineet’s sake. But she can’t forget whatever Neeti did to them. Neeti insulted them a lot. She even tried to kill Sanju’s baby. Parineet is a good person. Neeti is taking an advantage on her innocence. Parminder asks them what will happen when she gained her memory back? The doctor advised to them not to remember her anything. One day she will remember everything. She will create a problems in their life. She is sure that Neeti is pretending to lose her memory. Sanju denied it. She asks him doesn’t she ruined his first night. Meanwhile, Neeti asking Parineet to say the truth.

Parinee says to Neeti that she is thinking about unnecessary. Neeti says that she married to Rajeev. She met with an accident. She feels weird after she regained her consciousness. If she slipped into coma and wake up later? Parineet denied it. She asks her doesn’t her wedding take place in Barnala? How did she came here? Why did they blame Parineet for her accident? Parineet tries to convince her. Neeti says that her family members are treating her well. If she troubled her and Rajeev? Parineet can forgive her but not her family. Parinee asks her to calm down. If she created any problems then Sanju wouldn’t have allowed her to stay here. She can’t ruin anyone’s life. Neeti tells her that she won’t forgive her when she find out that she lied to her. Parineet tries to convince her. Neeti says that she feels like Parineet saying the truth but Parminder also giving the same vibe. Meanwhile, Parminder says to Gurinder that Neeti ruined Sanju’s first night.

Gurinder gets worried. She asks him about it. Parminder says that she has a responsibility as a mother. She has all the rights to interfere in it. He is her son. She asks her to keep an eye on Neeti. It’s better for Sanju’s life. Let’s send her back to Barnala. Neeti says it to Parineet. Later, Parineet couldn’t sleep and spends time with Neeti. Sanju thinks that Parineet is happy with Neeti. He is dilemma whether to believe Neeti or Parminder.

Episode end

Sukhwinder takes Neeti back to Barnala

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