Parineetii: Neeti (Tanvi Dogra) gets to face Pari’s (Anchal Sahu) rudra avatar, motherhood at stake

Colors popular daily soap Parineetii is gearing up for major twist and drama in the storyline.

Pari has always proved her friendship for Neeti and has gone above and beyond.

While Neeti will now cross her limits when she puts Pari’s baby’s life in danger and Pari won’t take it this time.

Pari’s warning for Neeti

Pari knows that she has sacrificed much for her friendship but she isn’t ready to put her motherhood at stake.

Pari will take Durga avatar to shield her child from Neeti and takes oath to not do any mercy.

Where is this battle of Neeti and Pari going to lead to?

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