Parineetii: Pari’s new identity as Parvathy (Anchal Sahu), Sanju’s (Ankur Verma) search mission ends with death declaration

Colors popular daily soap Parineetii is gearing up for major twist and drama in the storyline.

Pari had fallen in the river and Sanju fails to save her while this isn’t the end.

Here Pari gets saved by some strangers and now Ambika will soon find her while she was throwing away the ashes of her daughter Parvathy.

Ambika adopts Pari as daughter

The fate now plays it’s game and here Ambika who has lost her daughter will find a new daughter in Pari.

Pari too will accept Ambika as her mother as she has lost her everything.

Will this be the new beginning for Pari and how will Sanju’s mission search for Pari end?

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