Parineetii: Balli to transform Sanju (Ankur Verma) and Madhulika’s case, Pari (Anchal Sahu) rejoice

Colors popular daily soap Parineetii is gearing up for major twist and drama in the storyline.

Pari seeks Balli’s help to fight Sanju’s case and she even catches Madhulika red handed.

Pari catches Madhulika red handed while conspiring against Sanju, Pari thus gives a slapgate to Madhulika.

Pari takes oath to defeat Madhulika

Pari finally takes oath to defeat Madhulika by hook or by crook, while Balli is super scared.

Pari motivates Balli to speak up and show his skills otherwise he will always live a life of a loser.

Balli finally fights the case and wins it and now everything is all set to transform.

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