Parineetii: Parvathy (Anchal Sahu) and Sanju’s (Ankur Verm) encounter, Neeti face the hard time

Colors popular daily soap Parineetii is gearing up for major drama and twists in the storyline.

Sanju and Neeti are leading a new life after one year leap, while Pari has a new identity.

Pari is now Parvathy and has the strength of Ambika, Ambika is supporting Pari to seek revenge on Neeti.

Parvathy’s face off with Neeti

Ambika and Parvathy have set a business trap to destroy Sanju and Neeti and now the major encounter is awaited.

This major encounter will happen in the party which is organised by Ambika.

Sanju and Neeti will get a shock of life when they see Pari, while Pari aka Parvathy refuses to recognize them.

The real game is all set to begin when Sanju and Parvathy’s face off in business will get ugly.

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