Parineetii: Sanju (Ankur Verma) doubtful, questions Neeti’s intentions towards Pari (Anchal Sahu)

Colors popular daily soap for Parineetii is gearing up for major drama and twist in the storyline.

Neeti is happy that Pari has suffered miscarriage, now she tries to target Pari.

Neeti tells Pari that her and Sanju’s relationship was strong only because of this child but she lost it.

Sanju and Neeti’s big bang dhamaka

Neeti’s these words falls in Sanju’s ears and he finally confronts Neeti over it.

Sanju questions Neeti for instigating Pari although she needs emotional support at this time.

Sanju has hired a detective too and now he wants to know the whole truth behind Pari’s miscarriage, will Neeti be exposed?

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