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Color TV’s popular show Parineetii is witnessing an interestingtrack where Robbers hijack the bank.

As reported earlier it’s shown that Parineet attends Neeti’s call. Neeti tells Parineet that age is becoming a typical girl in Sanju’s love. Parineet advises Neeti to confess her love to Sanju. Neeti calls Sanju and asks him to understand her feelings. He tells her that he knows they love each other. Parineet gets emotional recalling her father. She contents Rajeev why he didn’t come to take her with him. Rajeev consoles her. Robbers enter the bank with a plan. They hijack the bank and take customers as a hostage. Rajeev hides Parineet and aunty in a room. He goes out to call the Police promising Parineet that he will return for her. Robber asks the Manager for the key. Mangers give the keys in fear. Robbers notice Monty and go to catch him. Robbers get to know gold is coming. He tells Manager that he will steal their gold and lives. Aunty tells Parineet that she is sensing that some bond is connecting her and her husband and one who united them may separate them. 

In the upcoming episodes, viewers will witness Parineet will record a video telling they have been held hostage and sends the video to Neeti for help. Neeti will get stunned seeing the video and says don’t worry, I am coming to save you, Pari. Neeti will arrive at the bank to rescue Parineet. 

Will Neeti finds the reality of Sanju? Who will save Parineet from the bank?

All these questions will be answered in the upcoming episodes.

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