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Episode begins with Preeti asks Baby that why the latter put Raghav’s wallet in Pashminna’s bag. Preeti’s mother asks Baby that how can the latter stoop this much. Uma Shankar scolds Baby. He asks her that whether she imagined the consequences of her wrongdoing. Preeti asks Baby that whether the latter wanted to prove Pashminna meets her ex-lover still. Baby says that Pashminna really meets Raghav still. Preeti’s mother asks Baby to stop lying. Baby says that she did3 not get pregnant before marriage. Preeti3 slaps Baby. She scolds Baby and leaves from there. Baby thinks that she won’t stay silent.

After some time, Rishi’s family and Preeti dances on kala chasma song. Preeti tells Rishi that Pashminna won’t get a better guy than him. Moina comes there and agrees with Preeti. Raghav’s family greets everyone. Dadi says that they came to bless Mohan. Rishi and Pashminna takes Raghav’s family blessings. Reva asks Pashminna to not misunderstand that Moina had been changed. She says that Moina came to Kashmir to show Raghav that Pashminna moved on in her life. She adds that they brought two legengas.

She gives two legengas to Pashminna. She asks Pashminna to choose. She goes to Raghav and murmurs to him that Moina choosed red legenga and she choosed dark yellow legenga. She says that she know Pashminna will choose dark yellow legenga. Raghav asks her to don’t have any hopes. Rishi thinks that red color will be good on Pashminna. Pashminna chooses dark yellow legenga. Preeti says that dark yellow is Pashminna’s favorite color. Everyone goes inside. Reva tells Moina that the latter is doing wrong.

Paras goes to Fatima and apologizes to her for misbehaving with her. Fatima asks him that what about Pashminna. She warns him to not interfere in Pashminna’s matters. He promises to her that he won’t do anything. He gives gift to her and asks her to give it to Pashminna. She notices that the box is filled with lights. She tells him that they gave lighting contract to someone already.

He tells her that she did not understand his plan. He says he want Pashminna to go on a date with her fiance. She asks him that why he is doing all this. He tells her that he know he did wrong but he know Rishi is good person. She tells him that he is not good person. He tells her that he went to jail because of Raghav. He says that he want to do something for Pashminna and leaves from there.

Fatima notices decoration things. She decides to take Raghav’s help. Later, Fatima meets Raghav. She asks Raghav to do decorations for Pashminna and Rishi’s date. Pashminna refuses to talk about Raghav to Reva. She learns that Rishi prepared surprise for her.

Episode ends.

Precap – Baby tries to create misunderstanding between Pashminna and Rishi’s family.

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