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The episode starts withJugnu asks Praniti to come with her. Praniti says but where are they going. Jugnu says this is a surprise for her. She takes Praniti to the hall. There everyone wishes happy birthday to Praniti.

Praniti becomes happy and trying to find Reyansh. Riya asks Praniti if she is looking for Reyansh. She says that she knows that her birthday is incomplete without Reyansh. Then Armaan says that he has called Reyansh and he is coming. He asks her to cut the cake until then. Praniti cuts the cake and Reyansh is watching her secretly.

Jugnu goes to Reyansh and asks why he is hiding. Reyansh says he is not hiding at all, he was just going for a walk. Jugnu says if he is going for a walk wearing a kurta pajamas. Jugnu says she understands that he is lying. She says that if he did not come to the birthday party, she will cut her hair and become bald. Reyansh says she does not need to do anything like that because he will go with her. He goes to Praniti and wishes her. He feeds her cake and then they all dance. After a while Dadi comes and truns off the music.

Armaan ask what happened, why Dadi trunoff the music. Dadi gets angry and she information them that their business is facing trouble and they are dancing here. She says that they are celebrating Praniti’s birthday while their business gets ruined only because of her. Reyansh says why is she saying this. Dadi says that since Praniti has filed a case against Vardhan, due to which she has been very infamous. And all their investors have lost their trust in them and they have refused to invest in their business. Dadi says that since she has no money now, she will have to leave her house as well. Everyone is shocked.

The next morning, Dadi gets sifted to another house and this is Dadi’s old house where she used to live. Kesar says it feels good to come to the old house. Dadi tells her to stop her nonsense and to clean the house. Kesar goes to clean up. Jugnu says that this house is also very beautiful and the hall is also very big. She asks where is Reyansh. While Reyansh comes there, he is depressed. Reyansh remembers memories of her mother as he enters the house. He remembers how he and his mother used to play in this old house of theirs. And how one day his mother committed suicide and left him. Praniti notices that Reyansh is upset so she goes to him and asks him what happened. Reyansh does not respond to her and leaves.

While Dadi taunts Praniti and says that Reyansh is upset only because of her. She says that because of her they had to come to this ill-fated house and now do not know what will happen to them. She considers Praniti responsible for her bad days and curses her. Praniti says that whatever is happening to her is happening due to her own actions in which she has no hand. Dadi tells her to shut up.

Further, Dadi informs her that now in this small house she will have to live in the same room with Reyansh. Praniti denies it. Dadi says if she has so much tantrums, she can leave the house. Jugnu says there is no need to leave the house as Praniti will live with her. Further, Praniti, Reyansh and Jugnu share the same room. Episode end.